LumApps Platform Updates: January, 2021

New platform features and updates now available to eligible customers to enable better communication, engagement, organization and workflows.

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While it’s a truism that constant innovation is required for survival in most industries, less-recognized is the fact that over half of companies in the Fortune 500 since the year 2000 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption. The stakes for enterprises navigating an uncertain future in the wake of COVID-19 may be even higher.

LumApps — which was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms report — is structured to help enterprises align workforces effectively and to mitigate digital disruption. One way LumApps makes that promise tangible to enterprises is by offering a robust, transparent and customer-driven roadmap.

Since over half of the staff at LumApps works within engineering and development, the company is able to release frequent product updates — with over 600 new features debuting in 2020 alone! To date, these updates were generally shared with existing enterprise customers, users and intranet administrators. We’re expanding that today with the launch of this new regular blog series to publicly highlight select updates.

To kick off the new year, here are new platform features and updates now in beta or generally available to eligible customers to enable better communication, engagement, organization and workflows.


Slack Integration Demo on LumApps

Updates to native integrations include:

  • SLACK: in a few clicks within LumApps, employees can now easily share corporate news, executive updates and much more to selected teams on Slack. Companies can also now easily create, surface, and navigate lists of Slack channels — which often number in the thousands at large enterprises, creating organizational challenges — via a streamlined free-text entry within LumApps.
  • OKTA: links from Okta tiles can now be added to the LumApps Application Directory, readily available in the top bar for users to quickly navigate to frequently-used applications.
  • ZENDESK: employees can now leverage LumApps intranet search to find relevant information directly from a Zendesk widget alongside other search results.
  • GOOGLE WORKSPACE: calendar widgets within LumApps now allow users to hide meeting links.


Global Employee Communications

Translation Demo on LumApps Intranet

Content on most LumApps-powered intranet pages will now be automatically translated into a user’s preferred language with the option to switch back to the original language for context for multilingual employees. LumApps also now provides users greater autonomy, engagement and personalization around what triggers an in-platform notification versus an email — or both.

Community Management

Companies can now open community creation to all users, while still limiting the ability to edit specific communities to certain teams or individuals. Site administrators can also now see and manage all tags used on the platform in the administration panel.


Finally, a new LumApps Platform Analytics Dashboard is now available in beta to eligible customers, with expanded functionality around data export, employee engagement analytics, social maturity metrics and more. Early-adopters may want to start playing around in this new and expanding beta rather than waiting for general availability.

To see these features in action, contact us for a demo.


David Burch
U.S. Head of Marketing Content Strategy


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Published on

January 28, 2021