LumApps Obtains Labels Happy@Work and Tech@Work 2020

Happy at Work 2020

What are the labels Happy@Work and Tech@Work?

Happy@Work and Tech@Work are a couple of the labels companies can apply to obtain from ChooseMyCompany, a service dedicated to helping enterprises develop their power of attraction in a transparent and collaborative way.

The HappyIndex®AtWork referential explores and promotes the motivation and engagement of employees. The Tech@Work label determines if a company is “tech friendly,” to explore, develop and enhance the commitment and motivation of technical, digital and IT teams.

Both are measured and delivered according to criteria such as professional development, work environment, management, salary & recognition, pride & pleasure.


Tech at Work 2020


LumApps Teams Feedback

It was our first year conducting these surveys inside the LumApps team and we’re happy with our results. Over 22 days we received strong feedback in the form of over 460 personalized answers and a majority of positive feedback according to the HappyIndex®AtWork.

LumApps has achieved an overall grade of 4.03/5 for the year 2020 – and we plan to keep improving all indicators in 2021!


What it means to us

This is a big first step for LumApps. This feedback is precious to us and it confirms that we’re on the right track. These labels are a sign that we’re creating strong employee engagement in our teams, with the right motivation for all collaborators to work towards our common goals.

Learn more about our mission and values

A successful and vibrant corporate culture is what we aim to achieve for our customers. And part of that service comes from creating our own happy work environment. For us, having a strong internal culture is a prerequisite for creating innovative solutions. It’s been one of our main goals for years and will continue to be a priority moving forward.

It’s the ideal time for us to recruit new talents and show how attractive LumApps can be!


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Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Corporate News Recognition

Published on

September 14, 2020