LumApps In Japan: Google Next Tokyo 2017

In June 2017, two brave souls from the LumApps team took a week-long trip to Japan: Co-founder Olivier Chanoux and Product Manager Matthias Manoukian. During their packed schedule, they stopped at the French Embassy, meet with two Japanese partners and attended Google Next Tokyo.


Taking advantage of the amazing setting, they managed to fit in some tourist activities to enjoy the Japanese culture. As LumApps’ unofficial photographer, Olivier chronicled their adventure with many great shots of this unique experience.

Here’s what the week looked like:

  • Monday: meetings with Softbank to discuss and build a partnership (one of the biggest G Suite resellers in Japan)
  • Tuesday: meetings at the French embassy to discuss hiring local talent and build relationships with the French Tech and Business France for some business networking
  • Wednesday – Thursday: Google Next Tokyo, including many G Suite customer meetings (more than 100 attendees at our Booth)
  • Friday: meetings with Densan/DSK to discuss and build a partnership (one of the biggest G Suite resellers in Japan)

Connecting with the French Embassy

At the French Embassy, Olivier and Matthias met with 3 people in charge of “France Business” and French Tech’s relations in general with Japan. By working with the Embassy, LumApps has high hopes that short-term, they can help find a local representative for LumApps, as well as someone to validate French-Japanese translations. For the long-term, the Embassy has offered LumApps access to its infrastructure (professional network and marketing department) to plan events, while infusing everything with that French Touch the Japanese love so much.

Stars in Google Next Tokyo

Japan is a major emerging market for G Suite and more generally for Google Cloud. The Japanese market is very interested in intranet and digital workplace type solutions, and therefore represents a key market for LumApps in the not so distant future. With around 6000 attendees, both local and international, it is also one of Google’s largest events among all 2017 Google Cloud Summits.

Google Next Tokyo is one of LumApps’ most important events in 2017, the perfect opportunity to introduce LumApps to Japanese market and share our product with national companies.

Google Next Tokyo outshined any other event we’ve attended, exceeding expectations! Located at the Prince Park Tower, it was organized to a T, with a unique Japanese touch for five-star quality service and amenities. The event’s staff provided the best possible experience for visitors. Staff members were stationed everywhere, greeting and guiding every visitor with great care. Products and applications were presented with a Japanese flair for games, with video stands in the shape of arcade games and many Google Jamboards for maximum user interaction.

Google Next Tokyo 2017

The LumApps booth was favorably placed in a central position, close to Japanese partners, an ideal spot to attract all types of attendees. Our team provided many demos and interacted with Japanese Googlers, partners and clients. As a result, we currently have more than ten pilots in action and many follow-up projects.

Playing the tourists!

Despite their heavy schedule, Olivier and Matthias didn’t forget to have some fun. Please enjoy this short video and you’ll get an idea.

Between their hotel and the Google Cloud Summit venue, they happily explored a park with temples and performed the purification ritual.

When in Japan, tasting the local gastronomy is a must! Olivier and Matthias enjoyed some typical restaurants, for a steady diet of fresh fish, sushi, traditional barbecue and exotic fruit.

Because Olivier and Matthias still enjoy geeking out, they also indulged in some games at the arcade.

At the end of each day, Matthias and Olivier found a fantastic neighborhood whiskey and sake bar, where they met some friendly francophiles. Among these characters, they met an expert Japanese accordeon player!

Accordeon Player - Japan LumApps

And let’s not forget the famous Tokyo nightlife! Nighttime is where the capital truly shines, its beautiful skyline serving as a backdrop for some breathtaking shots.

Until next time, LumApps is ready for another trip to Japan!


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


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Published on

December 7, 2017