LumApps is once again nominated in the #NextTech40 in 2022


The class of 2022 of the French Tech Next40/120 has just been announced by Minister Cedric O, in the presence of French Tech Director Clara Chappaz. In an uncertain economic environment, LumApps has had an outstanding year, testifying to our dynamism and attractiveness. 


Our goal is to meet the critical needs of large enterprises around the globe that are struggling with their efforts to align their workforce at scale or to digitally transform,” said  Sebastien Ricard, CEO at LumApps. “This past year was especially challenging for many people on a personal level and for many organizations from a business continuity and productivity perspective. We’re proud to have been a part of making an impact where it counts most – being the catalyst for employee engagement by providing an entirely personalized experience for every employee.”


What are our goals and objectives for 2022?

  • We plan to accelerate its growth by delivering on its strategic vision of an individualized experience for each employee – an experience that is orchestrated around key business outcomes, intelligently enabled by personalized recommendations, and which empowers employees to take action without leaving the LumApps platform.
  • In 2022, the company will further diversify its product offerings through its own R&D efforts and through additional acquisitions that will accelerate the realization of its product vision. The company also plans to continue to scale its R&D investment at 45% of revenue.

LumApps continues to experience strong momentum for its Employee Experience Platform across various geographies. Global organizations in the financial services, retail, manufacturing, and technology industries are turning to LumApps to empower every employee to do their best work by intelligently connecting them with the tools they use and the information they need, regardless of device or location. 

New executive leaders in the US and Europe are preparing LumApps for next-level market success in 2022. They include: 

What is the French Tech Next40/120? 

The French Tech Next40/120: beyond the label, it is a dedicated support offer from the Mission French Tech. French Tech Next40/120 startups are strategic companies for the French economy because of their economic performance, their ability to positively transform society and their high recruitment rate. Because of their advanced stage of development (known as “late stage”), they face particular challenges: international development, intensive recruitment campaigns, strong international competition, significant financing needs, etc.

This is why companies selected in the French Tech Next40/120 program have access to a customized support offer, which is managed by the MissionFrench Tech.


Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Corporate News EMEA USA

Published on

February 23, 2022