LumApps Integrates With Slack For Instant Messaging

LumApps introduces a new integration with Slack in LumApps Employee Communication Platform. Thanks to this popular application, LumApps now adds instant messaging to the employee user experience, for even more efficient collaboration and social sharing.

LumApps Integrates With Slack For Instant Messaging

Improve your Employee Communication with both top-down and horizontal exchanges and enhance your intranet with real-time chat capabilities! Combine the best of both worlds with LumApps, a leading intranet platform recognized by Forrester, and Slack, a chat platform with over 10 million users.


LumApps + Slack for employee communication

Slack is a leading and well-known chat tool that may already feature in your roster of work applications. If it’s part of your employees’ daily work, integrating Slack can boost the adoption of your communication platform.

Furthermore, Slack integration creates new use cases inside the Employee Communication Platform, to let employees share information in real time and improve social connection.

Collect instant feedback

Create a Slack Chat widget to be displayed anywhere inside LumApps, to give employees a channel for live conversations. This is a great option for a these specific use cases:

Enrich virtual events with Q&A

Display a Slack channel during a live stream such as a Virtual Town Hall or All-Hands meeting, so that employees can chat, react and ask questions live during the event.


Slack Integration for All Hands - LumApps


Enable employee support

Display a Slack channel inside a team’s page, to better connect employees who are looking for information. By enabling this inside an HR Portal or IT portal for instance, employees can reach the referent team more easily if they can’t find what they need and receive a quick answer.


Slack Business Unit Page - LumApps


LumApps + Slack for team and project collaboration

What’s more, LumApps integrates Slack to enhance team collaboration inside LumApps communities, making it easier to work on projects with less tool confusion.

You can associate a LumApps community with a Slack channel, reinforcing two complementary usages for team collaboration:

  • Data Repository: LumApps community acts as a data repository for reference information (docs, calendar, official updates)
  • Real-time discussions: Associated Slack channel enables real-time discussions

This associated Slack channel can be displayed directly in LumApps communities as a chat window overlay.


Slack Integration inside a Community - LumApps


Increase Slack Adoption

Access Slack from LumApps in just one click

List of Slack Channels

HeIp employees discover channels that may be of interest to them! It is also possible to display a list of Slack Channels on a LumApps page, to give a larger overview of your group’s team discussions and channels of communication.


Slack Channels on Homepage - LumApps


Enhance User Profile

Encourage employees to start a conversation immediately with their coworker. Add a Slack Chat in the User Profile.


Slack Integration User Profile - LumApps


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Media and Press Product

Published on

July 1, 2020