LumApps Included in Now Tech Report on Intranet And Employee Communications Platforms, Q4 2021

LumApps is proud to share that it has been included in the “Now Tech: Intranet & Employee Communications Platforms, Q4 2021” report by Cheryl McKinnon from Forrester Research. Forrester selected LumApps to be included in the report that analyzes vendors’ market presence and functionality.


Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, states that companies can use intranet and employee communications platforms as tools to deliver: “trusted, timely, and targeted communications to all types of employees, to curate and create content and make it findable, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas within a digital workplace that includes remote and deskless employees”.

Forrester selected LumApps to be included in the report that analyzes vendors’ market presence and functionality.


Improve The Digital Employee Experience With A Modern Intranet Platform

Forrester’s guide recommends to customize your intranet and think about strategy in terms of employee experience: putting employees first. According to Forrester, modern intranets and communications platforms enable enterprises to follow these recommendations:

  • Provide targeted and timely communications to inform employees
  • Build trust in content
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and provide an inclusive digital workspace.


Forrester studies the Intranet And Employee Communications Platforms market in Q4 2021

This Forrester guide was delivered to help internal communications professionals make an informed decision when looking at intranet platforms, by examining a diverse set of vendors according to geographies, size, vertical focus and functionality.


How to differentiate between intranet And Employee Communications platforms

When looking at the intranet market, it’s important to look deep into features and services offered. The “Now Tech: Intranet And Employee Communications Platforms, Q4 2021” identifies intranet et communications platforms solutions into functionality segments, which provide a certain number of capabilities: packaged applications; customizable frameworks and productivity suite extensions.

This guide identifies LumApps Employee Experience platform in all three segments, offering a large range of capabilities and customization.

  1. Packaged applications
  2. Customizable frameworks
  3. Productivity suite extensions


LumApps Employee Experience Platform

LumApps is designed to unify the modern workforce through better communication, engagement, and instant access to information.  LumApps is a true SaaS platform, designed to scale to the needs of today’s largest enterprises and is easily accessible across any device or language.

Integrated with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, LumApps intelligently connects people, information, and business applications to empower employees and enhance productivity. The product tailors each experience to the unique needs of the employee, from executives and managers to frontline workers.


Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Media and Press Recognition

Published on

November 2, 2021