LumApps Was Here: Google Next Amsterdam 2017

Our dynamic Sales team was at Google Next Amsterdam on June 21 2017: VP Sales Philippe Gless, EMEA Strategic Account Manager Boris Linière and Account Manager Gabin Georges. Though Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, there wasn’t time for much fun, as these three musketeers had a lot of work to do!


Hot success for Next Amsterdam

The event was located in De Kromhouthal, a former factory renovated and transformed into a large exhibition hall, ideally situated near the canal with a view on Amsterdam’s city center. Despite the industrial-chic setting, with original steel pillars and cranes, temperatures ran high inside due to a persistent European heatwave. But sweltering heat didn’t stop our Sales team, and neither did it keep cloud professionals and Google Partners from showing up !

Registration Google Next Amsterdam

In fact, Google Next Amsterdam was so successful, that of the thousands of signed-up and confirmed attendees, a large number of people weren’t able to enter the premises!

Building Front Kromhouthal Google Next

Touching base with Googlers, partners and customers

Google Next Amsterdam was the ideal frame for LumApps to reinforce communication with Googlers, customers, and our Google Partners for Benelux, including Fourcast and G Company – recent winner of the Google Cloud Partner Award.

Rallying many contacts, the LumApps team saw some positive interest from a number of Dutch companies.

Towards 7 PM, Gabin joined the after-work event to exchange in more detail around some wine with Googlers and Partners. Things are moving forward with Googlers for Benelux, who deal with clients in Russia, Eastern Europe and some of Google’s Netherlands customers.

Inside Kromhouthal Amsterdam Google Next

Huge opportunities in Education

Google Next Amsterdam renewed LumApps’ confidence in the education market’s vast opportunities: a majority of visitors at the LumApps booth were from the education sector. As the dedicated EMEA account manager for education organizations, Gabin gleaned much information from these professionals about the local market.

Hundreds of schools already use Google apps in the Netherlands, and Google is experiencing huge growth from primary and secondary schools. And although many educators and students already use G Suite, currently, there are no work tools on the NL market integrated with G Suite.

That evening, Gabin led a deep-dive discussion about education with the aforementioned G.Company, who were open to putting LumApps in touch with organizations in the education and nonprofit sectors.


Such unwavering interest is telling, confirming organizations’ and schools’ need for a central communication and work portal. LumApps is currently gearing up to take on this new challenge.


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


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Published on

July 3, 2017