LumApps Essentials: New Offer for Business Continuity

LumApps is launching a new out-of the box solution: LumApps Essentials. This new offer focuses on ensuring business agility and continuity, making it easier than ever for organizations to deploy an internal platform. LumApps helps companies and employees stay connected, informed and productive when they need to maintain operations.

LumApps Essentials

Recent times of turmoil have shown how important business continuity is to most organizations. LumApps’ new offer LumApps Essentials is meant to facilitate digital transformation and quickly deploy an out-of-the-box Employee Communication Platform, so that all companies can keep working, no matter the circumstances.


LumApps Essentials Offer Cover

LumApps Essentials will include:

  • A secure cloud solution that doesn’t require any pre-requisite software or add-ons
  • A mobile solution to reach all employees – including deskless and frontline workers
  • Preconfigured templates and in-app tutorials for fast deployment
  • Preconfigured use cases such as global newscenter, job board, team communities, employee directory, virtual town hall, etc.
  • Supported in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese

These features will be available inside a package Enterprise Communication Portal, starting July 1st, 2020 and available at no additional cost until September 30, 2020 to support organizations during this crucial adaptation period.


LumApps Essentials Desktop & Mobile


In a matter of days, companies can deploy their LumApps platform for business agility and continuity. Organizations will be able to easily launch a portal in just a few clicks – with 3 templates to choose from, users will also be able to add design elements to reflect their brand image. It’s easy to configure, with no coding required to personalize the platform. Collaborative and social, this tool made available by LumApps aims to ensure the continuity of work in these troubled times.

LumApps is committed to supporting organizations during these challenging times by making sure all companies stay connected with their employees throughout this period.

85% of our customers said that LumApps is essential for their company during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


EMEA Media and Press Product USA

Published on

July 1, 2020