LumApps Delivers Next Generation Employee Experience with Coveo

We are proud to announce we are joining forces with Coveo, a leader in AI-personalization for digital experiences to create a digital workplace solution built to meet the demands of remote and hybrid workforces.

LumApps x Coveo

Combining the power of corporate communications and accessible knowledge management, we help empower companies to design fully branded digital workplaces tailored to each organization’s governance and structure – supporting our vision to make every employee journey a personal one.


Helping employees be continuously informed

A recent Coveo survey found that employees spend 2.5 hours every day searching for information to do their jobs. And 41% of all the information companies provide to their employees is irrelevant to their specific job role. Irrelevant content isn’t just a drain on employee’s productivity and time, but can ultimately lead to them making less informed decisions. Federated search sometimes isn’t sufficient given the volume of content, applications, and resources at many organizations. Bringing together Coveo’s relevant and unified search with our content management system provides a comprehensive solution.


Automation as an accelerating growth and resilience tool 

Many companies struggle with digital transformation, achieving unified communication, and knowledge sharing. By delivering a more relevant and personalized employee experience, enterprises can empower their employees to accomplish more on their own, helping lead to increased proficiency, productivity and morale. Coveo’s AI-powered search, recommendations and personalization will help to bolster our Employee Experience Platform by making enterprise-wide knowledge more discoverable.


“Our partnership with Coveo is really exciting for the future of employee experience. Providing knowledge and information, and helping to increase the relevant recommendations for each employee across the globe, we believe provides significant value and opportunities for our customers.”  Idriss Bentoumi, Chief Product Officer, LumApps

“The Coveo Relevance Cloud platform is the intelligence behind making virtually every digital experience a relevant one with the power of AI,” said Marie-Michèle Caron, SVP of Alliances at Coveo. “Together, Coveo and LumApps are able to deliver unified search, recommendations, and personalization experience that helps to bring the right content to each employee at the right time.”


Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Partners Product

Published on

December 1, 2021