LumApps Culture and Employee Well-Being

I have some exciting news for LumApps team life. 2019 is the year we build a true LumApps culture and focus on employee well-being. What’s more, four of our teams are getting new offices! As of now, it’s official for Lyon, Austin and Paris. We are in advanced negotiations for New York.

LumApps Culture and Employee Well-Being

Company Culture

All teams at LumApps are now working together on building a beautiful company culture.

LumApps has been growing exponentially over the last few years, and for that I am very proud and grateful. I am well aware that this success also puts an unavoidable strain on our people, especially our earlier team members, who have to adapt to a new organization and new work conditions.

Across all of these changes, I feel it’s important that LumApps keeps our core identity. Starting this year, I want to focus on building a real LumApps culture. It’s not only important for our team’s morale on a daily basis, it’s also essential if we want LumApps to last.

By creating and protecting a genuine LumApps Culture, I am aiming to boost both talent retention and on-boarding, so that new recruits will effectively join us on this exciting journey.

All teams at LumApps are now working together on building a beautiful company culture. As part of this new endeavor, LumApps is reinforcing our HR Team and has created a new Communications Team.

New Offices

Employees need good working conditions and a pleasant work space to fully bloom.

The Executive Team was intent on doing our part to ensure internal satisfaction and put our money where our mouth is. So here’s some real good news!

We are providing new offices for our three major teams: Austin, Paris and Lyon.

We needed our own, branded spaces to represent LumApps and comfortable spaces to meet with partners and greet visitors.


Picture hall in Lyon office



It’s official: we are moving our fast-growing team into brand-new offices currently under construction.


As our French Headquarters and the home base of our Engineering Team, Lyon has quickly evolved over time.

Our offices has been undergoing some extensive remodelling this past year to grow our space and reorganize teams for better comfort and efficiency.

We’re still in our historic headquarters of Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, but we’ve doubled the surface of our office area. We’ve created new open spaces, new meeting rooms, new team pods with sound isolation and an executive suite.

The second step will be to create spaces dedicated to the Engineering Team, planned for summer 2019.


Picture office in Lyon


Picture meeting room in Paris office



LumApps Paris is moving from the Opéra neighborhood to… Opéra!

That’s right, we’re only moving a few hundred feet from our previous address, where our team had quickly spread from one floor to two floors in under a year due to hyper-growth, with steady recruiting.

Our Parisian team now enjoys a chic new office, both work-friendly and prestigious to invite guests, such as our esteemed partners and customers.

Picture hall in Paris officePicture open space in Paris office



Picture kitchen in Paris office


These new work spaces will blow some fresh air into our sails,
as we aim for ever higher success in 2019.

– Sébastien Ricard, LumApps Co-Founder and CEO


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Corporate News

Published on

March 28, 2019