LumApps Closes Deal with Genuine Parts Company through Azure Marketplace

LumApps is thrilled to announce that Genuine Parts Company (GPC) has selected LumApps as its next Employee Experience Platform through Azure Marketplace for a 5-year contract of $1.4M. GPC believes they can grow with LumApps and Microsoft as they continually innovate and develop new products.

LumApps wins GPC

Keys to Winning the Deal

Throughout the evaluation process, LumApps has proven its expertise in the industry and deep knowledge of customer needs would contribute to Genuine Parts Company’s  success. GPC is confident LumApps and Microsoft will support their consistent deployments and expansions.  LumApps differentiates itself by orchestrating unique and tailored employee experiences and journeys to the role, position, location, language and the specific needs of each and every employee. 


Why LumApps?

Organizations must individualize and personalize the employee experience. This requires gathering detailed data to understand employees, and to determine how they respond to available information and communications. As a result of this data-driven strategy, the employee experience is more personalized, more unique to each employee, and LumApps successfully proved to GPC its ability to provide a personalized end-user experience with its innovative solution. 

LumApps is built to deliver relevant information and improve accessibility to content and applications to all employees, regardless of the device or the language. Within a few years of the LumApps-Microsoft partnership, LumApps has built out-of-the-box solutions and deep integrations. 

With more than 50 connectors and integrations through APIs, LumApps has robust integrations into the M365 stack, which help with the adoption and efficiency of Teams. LumApps enables companies to move from siloed communication to a streamlined Employee Experience, regardless of the complexity of a Microsoft stack.

If employees use Teams, LumApps complements the Microsoft solution with robust CMS capabilities that open possibilities to enhance the experiences, such as: 

  • Find relevant information and documents (LumApps content included) regardless of information architecture (from the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and from LumApps search page)
  • Transform “noise into knowledge”  by capturing, organizing and broadcasting knowledge (cold / long-term knowledge content or real-time hot topics).
  • Leverage data to improve employee journeys, increase employee wellbeing, retention and better understand information consumption across the organization.

LumApps is also ranked as a leader by several 3rd party analysts which was decisive in GPC’s decision to close the deal with LumApps. Among the top-ranked capabilities: 

  • Content templating capabilities
  • Flexibility of user interfaces
  • Overall repository services
  • Product vision
  • Widget-based site design
  • Tight integration with Microsoft 365


Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Corporate News Partners

Published on

May 18, 2022