Divide and Conquer: LumApps at Intra.NET Reloaded

From North America to Central Europe in just a few days. LumApps team never stops! We are extremely happy with the opportunity to present our company and share the stage with our trusted customers at Intra.Net Reloaded in Boston and Berlin. Keep reading to see where our journey took us.


LumApps at Intra.NET Reloaded Boston

A great opportunity to exchange experiences with active players in the digital workplace world and to discuss strategies with prospects who showed genuine interest in our products.

Starting the month with a trip to the US. On April 4 & 5, 2019 LumApps attended the world’s leading knowledge exchange platform for digital workplace solutions Intra.Net Reloaded in Boston. It’s the second year we present and demonstrate our solution at this event.

Our customer champions on stage were Jason Sharples, CTO Engineering and Operations and Shelonda Darling, Global Intranet Manager for Global Payments. They presented a demo version of their intranet MyGPN which connects their employees on the same platform so they can share content, discuss and suggest ideas within the company.

LumApps at Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin

Only a few days later, representatives of our Sales and Customer Success teams landed in Berlin. Participating in Europe’s most prominent event on corporate communication and digital workplace, Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin.

On April 11 & 12, 2019 more than 300 decision makers and leaders from the Internal Communication, Digital Workplace, HR and Collaboration sector attended the event.

Marc Gonthier, Head of Deployment and Customer Success at LumApps, presented a demo version of LumApps Social Intranet solution. Under the spotlights with him was Petra Timm, Director Group Communications at Randstad, Global leader in HR. Randstad Germany shared their improvements in internal communication following the implementation of their new social and collaborative intranet, provided by LumApps.

LumApps on stage - Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin

Here are some of the challenges Randstad faced before:

  1. Rare and difficult collaboration in cross-group projects
  2. Little exchange between corporate and business units, and hardly any knowledge transfer
  3. Outdated Technology


Randstad’s Vision.
I use the groupnet to find and share useful information anytime, anywhere.
– Petra Timm, Director group communications at Randstad Germany

If you like what you read and you want to get more insights on the new digital workplace developments, but you missed meeting the LumApps team in Boston and Berlin, we might be able to help you.

Join LumApps and be one of the lucky attendees at the UK’s most innovative and industry-driven event on digital workplace. The LumApps team will be there, will you?


Asya Stamenova
Brand Content Writer



Published on

May 19, 2019