LumApps Adds Microsoft Graph Notifications to Microsoft 365 Integration

LumApps is pushing our solution’s integration with Microsoft, going further to help employees do their work. By integrating Microsoft Graph notifications, LumApps delivers the right information, to the right person, and at the right time.


LumApps Microsoft Partnership

This year has been a full one for LumApps’ evolving partnership with Microsoft.

In May 2019, we announced our worldwide partnership via press release. As a Microsoft Partner, we have been fortunate to get early access to Microsoft technologies so our roadmaps stay aligned.

We also described our use of Microsoft Graph technology to inform our features, which was the base for our new integration.

“Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365, and empowers developers to build more productive apps for organizations and consumers that interact with millions of users.
With Graph Notifications, LumApps is able to provide a better experience to their customers through notifications that adapt to the user and show at the right time and at the right place across devices.”

– Giorgio Sardo, Microsoft Engineering General Manager


LumApps vision for Microsoft

LumApps vision for all Microsoft customers is to deliver the leading Digital Workplace for Office 365. So how do we achieve that? Through an extended integration with the collaboration suite, LumApps harnesses all information so that employees can focus on what’s relevant to them.

LumApps allows you to gather, organize and surface Office 365 apps and content, so that employees can easily find the info they need to do their daily tasks and succeed in their missions. Ultimately, LumApps creates an Employee Dashboard which offers employees a quick overview of their work day, for more efficiency.

Our vision’s next step

LumApps is pushing the solution’s integration with Microsoft, going further to help employees do their work. By integrating Microsoft Graph notifications, LumApps delivers the right information, to the right person, and at the right time.

Since this digital workplace has become a daily employee platform, LumApps is logically the best place to deliver these notifications to inform employees in real time.


Discover LumApps at Microsoft Ignite 2019!

The LumApps team was at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. LumApps showcased the notifications integration during a theater session – “Building great push notifications for your Microsoft 365 users”


Why notifications are important

Notifications are pieces of information originating from an app or a service targeted at the user. These notifications are determined by automatic or adaptable settings.

Relevant notifications are necessary to:

  • Drive engagement
  • Decrease time-to-action
  • Improve employee experience and satisfaction

Bad notifications create frustration in the user, so it’s essential to create notifications that are meaningful and relevant to employees, and easily accessible in the settings to be adjusted as needed. Good notifications should save instead of waste valuable time.


Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Graph

LumApps’ integration with Microsoft was designed with an omnichannel approach.

LumApps is integrated in Windows

In the first step of this integration process, LumApps is integrated inside Windows for easy access by users in their work environment. LumApps appears in the Windows Taskbar inside the user’s browser, so that the employee has easy access to notifications and manage his tasks, just like another app inside his Microsoft work environment. LumApps team gave a demo of this version live during Microsoft Ignite in Orlando.

Microsoft Notifications - LumApps

LumApps integrates Graph notifications

Ultimately, the user has access to all Microsoft content and can manage tasks from inside the LumApps platform. Notifications coming from LumApps and Office 365 are now merged into Graph Notification in order to be prioritized and pushed at the right time to the employee, providing higher notification relevancy to the end user.

These notifications are pushed across all devices, whether mobile, web, tablet or Windows. It’s also possible to disable them on all devices with a universal dismiss function.


Don’t forget to check out our product page for more information about our Microsoft offer.

LumApps digital workplace for Office 365


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Microsoft Partners

Published on

November 5, 2019