LumApps Was Here: JAPAC Tour 2017

After heading to Tokyo in June 2017, LumApps is continuing its tour of Asia-Pacific territories. Over the course of two weeks in September, we sent our CMO and two new Strategic Account Managers to Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The resulting experience was more than encouraging and went beyond their expectations!


Before we start off, the LumApps team is grateful for the fantastic welcome in each city. Local Googlers had well-prepared our presence, so that LumApps was already a familiar name on arrival. These and other successful communication efforts made before events helped us make quality new contacts. This tour also enabled LumApps to introduce Thierry Darsin to everyone, as our Strategic Accounts Manager for JAPAC (Japan and Asia-Pacific territory). The long days always ended with a pleasant cocktail to facilitate networking.


Our CMO Olivier Chanoux left for France and stopped off in Hong Kong, and after joining Thierry Darsin -who is based in Tokyo- they flew to Sydney. Upon arrival, they visited the coastal city park in some afternoon sunshine.

The Google Cloud Summit took place in Pier One Sydney Harbor, with a picturesque view of the city’s waterfront. Thanks to thousands of attendees, Olivier and Thierry easily made hundreds of new contacts and happily provided demos.

Australia is a mature market for Google professionals, so we were able to quickly move forward on a few partnerships. Sydney’s Cloud Summit was also the occasion to meet American Googlers, since many made the trip to Australia. Furthermore, our team took a moment to celebrate our first education client in Australia!

Overall, a great start to the APAC tour!

Plane View Hong Kong - LumApps

Kuala Lumpur

At the end of the first week, it was time for Olivier and Thierry to pack up and head for Malaysia!

Arieh Rossi, our Education Specialist, joined up from the US East Coast for Kuala Lumpur events. With the three of them brought together in the same city, this was the ideal moment for some inter-continental teambuilding! Indeed, Olivier, Arieh and Thierry represent 3 continents: Europe, US and JAPAC, respectively. The three spent the weekend visiting the city, relaxing after their long flights and enjoying the gorgeous hotel pools!

Kuala Lumpur’s Google Cloud Summit showed amazing energy. Held at the One World Hotel, this venue offered an awe-inspiring, skyscraper-level view of the city. With its emerging tech market, Malaysia proved it is a force to be reckoned with and promises a bright future in the field. Buoyed by this vibrant atmosphere, with much more attendees than expected, our team met with many potential customers & partners.

Kuala Lumpur’s Cloud Summit was especially diverse, drawing multi-regional and international IT professionals. Many travelled from all different parts of the Asia-Pacific region to attend!

LumApps arriving in Malaysia


As Arieh kept networking in Malaysia over the next few days, Olivier and Thierry continued on to Singapore, the last stop in the APAC tour!GCS Singapore

Benefitting from a thriving Malaysian economy, Singapore is right in the middle of the growing APAC Google ecosystem, where dynamic companies are ripe for GCP, G Suite and Google Partners. And as the largest metropolis in the region, it is home to many enterprise headquarters, leading some important deciders to attend the event.

Held in the lush Raffles City Convention Center, Singapore’s Cloud Summit saw a massive influx with thousands of attendees. LumApps shared the event’s success, garnering lots of interest from hundreds of contacts and providing endless demos! The fantastic booth location near the buffet didn’t hurt, either…

Focused on JAPAC

Travelling across the world is our current favorite activity. Touring allows our team to bond while spreading the good word about our Google social intranet.

Japan and Asia-Pacific territory are LumApps’ next big focus. With Thierry Darsin in Tokyo and our team’s first tour of Google APAC events, we successfully introduced LumApps to the eastern markets. Our next goal is to keep close ties with our new contacts, as the emerging South APAC tech industry is full of future opportunities!



Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA



Published on

October 9, 2017