Google Cloud Search is Live in LumApps

As of November 6, the Google Cloud Search integration is live inside LumApps! Let’s review why this integration supercharges LumApps into the best digital workplace.


Launching GCS

After 9 months of hard work from our Product development team, the integration is live and available for LumApps customers!

We teased this integration in July before Google NEXT ‘18 and our CTO demo’d it live!

GCS Overview and NEXT video here.

Démo de Google Cloud Search par Elie

Why GCS and LumApps?

Wondering why organizations should integrate Google Cloud Search inside LumApps?

First, take a look at our integration page for GCS value at a glance.

LumApps intranet is the unique work environment where employees find everything they need to work. They already look to LumApps for information and resources, so integrating with a powerful search engine makes sense!

As the best enterprise search engine, Google Cloud Search is a natural choice for LumApps and embedding GCS extends the LumApps hub and enhances search capabilities inside the workplace.

A single, 360° search environment

GCS is the fastest way for workers to search for information everywhere inside the digital workplace: not only inside LumApps content, but also in G Suite and third-party data.

Google technology

By integrating with GCS, LumApps leverages Google search technology and applies it to your enterprise digital resources. Google Cloud Search experience is simple, powerful and secure.

Customizable search

Results are ordered by relevance and category, and you can add filters to refine them. What’s more, results are consistent with user rights and permissions defined inside LumApps, G Suite and even third-party systems!


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Google Partners Product

Published on

November 6, 2018