LumApps Among First Applications Compatible With Microsoft Surface Neo and Duo

Microsoft held Microsoft BUILD as a live conference May 19-20, 2020 to highlight new technologies and upcoming releases for the public and professionals. In light of this occasion, LumApps announces that it is one of the first applications in its category to be compatible with the upcoming new Microsoft Neo and Duo devices, slated to be released in summer 2020.


Microsoft Surface Neo and Surface Duo

So what are the newly introduced Microsoft Neo and Duo devices?

They are the latest portable devices launched by Microsoft built as dual-screen devices, planned to be released in summer 2020. Surface Neo is a Windows tablet, while Surface Duo is an Android smartphone. Both devices feature two screens in a simple folding design, in order to facilitate the simultaneous use of multiple apps by users. Screens can be used back to back or side-by-side, forming a single large screen.

The Surface Neo and Surface Duo should make it easier than ever for people to work efficiently without a laptop or desktop computer. The value of these new Microsoft devices is clear for professionals who work on-the-go, frontline workers or even remote employees.

Studies show that workers simultaneously open and juggle multiple applications every day. The dual screen facilitates multitasking and makes employees more productive by keeping important tools at the ready.

LumApps Use Cases

LumApps mobile application fits right into this new working configuration and as such, is one of the first applications that is compatible with these new devices. LumApps already supports organizations in their efforts to connect and inform remote and other employees who suffer from an information gap. LumApps serves as a centralized platform where employees can find all corporate information, communities and work tools they need.

The double-screen set-up in the Surface Neo or Surface Duo boosts LumApps’ ability to help employees multitask and be more productive in a mobile environment. With LumApps on a double screen, users can keep lists or homepages open on one screen, while they engage, create content or preview documents on the other screen.

Search results and display a result

Show all search results in one screen and display an individual result in the second screen.

Search results - LumApps


Users can browse a community on one side while they create a new post in the second screen.

Communities - LumApps

Preview news articles

Browse all corporate news from your home screen on one side and preview individual news posts in the second screen.


About LumApps and Microsoft’s partnership

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, LumApps has now shared over 2 years of collaboration and co-innovation with Microsoft’s teams, following a common roadmap to improve user experience for our solutions and Microsoft integrations.

LumApps was among the first partners to leverage Microsoft Graph APIs into our product to improve notifications and other features.

Last year, LumApps teams happily attended the BUILD conference 2019 and joined digitally in 2020 under the special circumstances. During the conference, LumApps was identified as a key technological partner by Kevin Gallo.

We follow a common roadmap to improve user experience for our solutions and Microsoft integrations.

LumApps identified as a key technological partner during Microsoft BUILD Conference 2020

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Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Microsoft Product

Published on

May 26, 2020