Find Everything Quickly with the Google Cloud Search Integration

LumApps now integrates Google Cloud Search to provide a seamless and powerful search experience. What does this mean for our users?

google cloud search integration

Google Cloud Search for LumApps

All knowledge at your fingertips

Thanks to Google Cloud Search, you can find knowledge across your digital workplace, no matter what it is (news, documents, posts, mails…) and where it is stored (LumApps, G Suite and even some third-party apps).

Fast and smart

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Google Cloud Search is the most powerful search engine applied to your enterprise data. We’ve added a global search bar inside the LumApps intranet. Following your search, results are displayed and filtered by data source, with pictograms for easy type recognition.

Datasets include All results (including LumApps intranet content), G Suite apps like Drive, Mail, etc., plus third-party applications (such as SAP).

What’s more, you can now personalize look-and-feel for search results.


Google Cloud Search leverages Google’s expertise in machine learning with all the benefits of Google’s elegant search experience: auto-suggest, natural language understanding and answers, etc.



Google technology APIs

For instance, Google Cloud Search can filter visual content for the most accurate results.

As an example, a marketing team member is now able to search through the photos and videos they have collected during an event. The photos have been automatically labelled by Cloud Vision API to extract information about the context. They will be able to use the categories and the text extracted by Cloud Vision API, as well the images’ metadata to refine their search.

Google Cloud Search Integration in LumApps - Metadata Screenshot

In another use case, Google Cloud Search can help intranet users in their job post search. The new search leverages Cloud Natural Language API to automatically classify content, and to identify relevant results for the user request. This way you can enter a job description, without having to categorize or label it. The Natural Language API processes the text to extract the right information. Once indexed in CloudSearch, you can search through the job offers and refine the results according to the extracted features.


See it in action at NEXT ‘18!

LumApps announced this new feature of our intranet during Google NEXT ‘18 in San Francisco. Our CTO Elie Mélois made a demonstration of this LumApps integration during the official breakout session on July 26, hosted by a member from the Google Cloud Search team: Google Cloud Search: A Fully Managed Secure Enterprise Search Platform from Google.


Learn more on the Google Cloud website


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Google Product

Published on

September 17, 2018