Extend LumApps Hub with Zapier

LumApps is proud to announce our partnership with Zapier. This new tool integration is available as of now. Thanks to Zapier, you can easily integrate LumApps with 1,000+ apps without coding or custom development.

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Why LumApps + Zapier?

Zapier and LumApps have come together to enhance the hub by providing an easier, faster way to automate simple tasks and save time. Users from all business units and teams can benefit from this integration, which increases information visibility, enhance productivity and improve consistency. (Take a look at our use cases examples below.)

Another reason for the integration is to empower employees to personalize their intranet inside LumApps.


Zapier and LumApps


Who is Zapier?

Zapier provides a library of over 1,000 business apps with integrations to leverage microservices. Zapier takes you through simple steps to set up a “zap” – or automated task: select a predefined trigger, then pick subsequent actions between your apps. You can also add filters and conditions.

No coding or technical expertise needed!

What to expect

As of this October, we are out of the Beta stage!

LumApps will continue to improve on the current integration, including providing new triggers, actions and searches for our enterprise customers.

Here are some zap templates so users can immediately start using Zapier with LumApps. Try out our zaps to link your LumApps platform with Slack, WordPress, Jira, Google Drive, or social media accounts!

Some key use cases

Users can test our new integration with some generic use cases that will answer employees’ basic needs inside LumApps communities.

You can power up team collaboration and internal processes for business units inside LumApps team communities.

Increase visibility of documents and events inside LumApps communities.

so that all members can follow projects and community activity more closely. For instance, get notified in LumApps when a new document is added to your community drive (Google Drive).

Enhance LumApps project communities with integrations such as Trello

Get notified when a new task is created.

Automatically post in the LumApps project community when a new card is created in Trello: display the card’s description and due date.

Enhance LumApps communities with real-time communication tools like Slack.

For example, when someone pins a post in a slack channel, create a zap to cross-post into the corresponding LumApps community, and notify the community manager.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to leverage this integration. Now start creating zaps!

Check out our user guide here on the LumApps Help Site.


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA



Published on

October 8, 2018