Expanding North in a Strategic Partnership with Cloudpoint

LumApps is proud to announce Cloudpoint as a new Google Cloud partner. Based in Finland, Cloudpoint helps nordic companies transition toward a more efficient working environment, with the help of Google Cloud technology. LumApps gains a preferred ally in this new market, full of promising opportunities.

Webinar LumApps et CloudPoint June 2017

Webinar LumApps et CloudPoint June 2017

A new northern partner

Cloudpoint is now part of our network of partners specialized in Google Cloud solutions. What’s more, Cloudpoint is our first scandinavian partner, thus providing a first step into the northern market and bringing LumApps into contact with nordic companies who already use Google services.

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As an authorized Google supplier since 2009, Cloudpoint assists enterprises and various organizations in their implementation of Google Cloud solutions, guaranteeing their successful deployment. After defining the project according to specific corporate needs, Cloudpoint provides employee training and customer support.

Learn about us during our webinar

To celebrate this new partnership, LumApps and Cloudpoint are leading a joint webinar in English to show how your business can use LumApps to enrich the Google Cloud experience and gain work efficiency. See you there!

Sign up here to join our webinar on June 15th.


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA


Google Partners

Published on

May 23, 2017