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IoIC has awarded two of our clients in the UK for their outstanding performance both in terms of communications and events.

IoIC Awards

The Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC), the independent professional organisation dedicated to internal communication in the UK, has recognized two of our UK clients for their outstanding performance in terms of communications and events.

John Lewis Partnership

John Lewis Partnership, a brand of high-end department stores operating throughout the United Kingdom, has high expectations when it comes to timely company updates and accessing relevant information.John Lewis has taken up the challenge of improving its internal communications, winning a handful of awards. 

John Lewis Partnership - LumApps Customer

At JLP, the ‘industrial democracy’ is in itself a business model where employees share knowledge, power and profit. The company shares a large amount of information with its partners and continuously works on employee engagement and retention. It was essential to have a modern tool to streamline the way people communicate, improve how they access information and that would gather delivered targeted business communications all in one place. LumApps provided the solutions to make each employee feel empowered, aligned with the corporate strategy and engaged in their work at all times. 

By tailoring each communication to its targeted audiences, John Lewis Partnership retains transparency but prioritises messages for each audience, on all devices to make employees, in offices or on the frontline, enabled to do their best work. This strategy has made them a winner at the annual IoIC Award in the Best Ongoing Communication Category for their Partnership Plan campaign!

Along with this major prize, John Lewis Partnership has been awarded four Excellence Awards, acknowledging their resilience during Covid-19 and more, in the categories Best Intranet, Best COVID Response, Best Event, Best In-House Team.

Just Eat (JET)

M&As are generally delicate matters, more so in terms of culture, communication and engagement. JET leveraged its LumApps platform during challenging times of transition from two different entities to one. The new platform had to reunite users and information from three different sources and serve as a single communication platform to all employees of the newly created business. A lot was at stake as employees were going through major changes, and leaders needed to be aligned and enabled to be the best advocates possible, gathering teams together to achieve their established objectives. 


Receiving an Excellence Award for Best Intranet (The Kitchen) – the heart of Just Eat’s digital workplace  is proof that putting people at the center of a business strategy does ensure business’ prosperity, and that employee engagement and alignment are directly linked to an organizational success. 

We are proud to congratulate our customers on their Awards, and we thank the IoIC for recognizing our customers’ work!



Loriane L'Eveillé
Head of Communication


Customers EMEA Recognition

Published on

October 6, 2021