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Our customer spotlight series continues with FM Logistic’s digital transformation story that goes beyond the borders of their offices. We had the opportunity to catch up with Claire Schmauch, Group Organization Development and Communication Director at FM Logistic.

Interview with:

Claire Schmauch

Group Organization Development and Communication Director

FM Logistic


Tell us about your role at FM Logistic?

My name is Claire and I’m in charge of organization development and communications at FM Logistic. Our team’s job is to facilitate communication and communicate with the employees, media, influencers and other stakeholders. It is also to coordinate and support our communications colleagues in the countries of the Group. Ultimately, our job is about leading change and supporting the company’s transformation and that is a very exciting task.

FM Logistic is an innovative company and an early-adopter in many ways. Tell us about your industry and how you’re using technology to transform it?

FM Logistic is an international and family-owned logistics company. It was created in France in 1957 and it gathers today more than 27,000 people across 14 countries over Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our mission is to create and deliver seamless supply chain and logistics services for our customers. Innovation and technology are key levers to help us achieve operational excellence and support our customers in designing efficient sustainable solutions, meeting with the evolving market trends and consumers’ expectations.

In 2018 you launched your new corporate intranet with LumApps. Tell us what is the role of your intranet within your organization and what your employees enjoy the most in it?

Our intranet, called “Hello”, is the central hub of our digital workplace. It is the one single place where employees can find all the useful tools and information they need on a daily basis.

People especially enjoy the easy access to regular local and global news on our intranet. It’s the place where you can find information about the company’s organization and history, which is especially helpful for newcomers. Hello is also the entry door to all business applications, and we launched communities recently to make this digital workplace even more collaborative.

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In the Face of Disruption

Considering the recent impact of COVID-19, how have you seen this affect your work and life at FM Logistic? What is your approach to crisis management and response?

Facing a situation like COVID-19 showed that adaptation capability is key. This is something that is at the core of the logistics industry and this crisis amplified our conviction that we need to be even more flexible, agile and innovative.

In a crisis such as the one we experienced, it is especially important to communicate quickly and regularly to all employees about the ever-evolving situation. Our intranet was the main channel to keep everyone informed and connected. We set up a community and a dedicated page to share latest news, useful links, tips & tricks for remote work and access to a virtual coffee room.

What other challenges are you currently facing? What are your goals for the future development of your intranet platform?

Our ambition is to connect everyone within the company, so our next priority is to onboard frontline workers, i.e. operational teams working on our logistics platforms. We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is by adopting a mobile-first strategy, with specific use cases, and co-designing the solution with our teams so that it really fits their needs.

Digital, but also Deskless Transformation

Tell us more about the new project you recently contributed to with LumApps and what is your role in this new frontline mobile app launch?

We’ve been working with LumApps to deploy a mobile app specifically designed for frontline workers, by launching a pilot in one of our logistics platforms in France. The aim of this experiment is to identify the main use cases of this app and how we can bring it in the most effective way to our collaborators.

To be as close as possible to realities on the ground, we listened to users’ constraints and needs through on-site visit and workshop. We are moving forward in a “test and learn” approach by having our collaborators try the app and gathering their feedback along the way.

What opportunities are you hoping the app can help you enable?

Deploying this app is a great opportunity to make our digital workplace more inclusive and to connect everyone in the company, both deskless and office workers.

We also want to provide value to our operations and our teams, by digitizing access to useful information and tools with a seamless user experience.

What were the opportunities to digitize some of these processes, like around chat or managing workflow?

Safety is our key priority and we are digitising near-miss and incident management workflows. This is critical for our operations. This app is also an opportunity to increase and improve real time interaction between our teams through the chat and community features.

Based on your experience, can you share advice for companies struggling to connect all employees?

Rely on collective intelligence: don’t hesitate to involve users in the process from the very early stages of your project and to build on their feedback along the way. This is the best way to get everyone onboard and to find solutions fitting with your needs and strategy.


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Asya Stamenova
Brand Content Writer



Published on

December 10, 2020