Become a LumApps Certified Specialist

For the first time, LumApps has organized a training session for partners consultant to enable them to drive LumApps project on their own. The aim for the first attendees is to get the certification by the end of the year.

Become a LumApps Certified Specialist

3-step certification

To become a LumApps certified specialist, you will need to:

  • follow an e-learning training curriculum and take exams in Google forms;
  • Attend a 2-day training with a LumApps Technical Partner Operations Manager;
  • Take the certification exam to measures your ability to accomplish a LumApps project

Training content

After the first step where students can discover LumApps and get familiar with the product, the training session aims to give more awareness on the project methodology. Before the final exam, students will be able to access all the use cases and reference documents to graduate.

Customer satisfaction

On the 12th and 13th of September, a group of English and French partners was at LumApps headquarter for a 2-day session. In the coming weeks, we will be glad to announce the first LumApps certified specialist around the world.

This certified specialist program will help partners acquire the requisite skills and knowledge about LumApps. Google Apps customers will soon have the opportunity to choose certified partners to make sure their project will be successful.


Maya Riebel
Communication Manager EMEA



Published on

September 14, 2016