Add Employee Helpdesk to Your Employee Experience Platform

Zendesk is the leading Customer Service Software, trusted by 200,000+ customers to serve their employees as well as their customers. You can now combine LumApps and Zendesk to deliver the best Employee experience!

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LumApps / Zendesk Integration

Display a list of Zendesk tickets


Your LumApps platform enable you to display and sort a list of Zendesk tickets wherever you need it – in your IT Portal or on your Help desk & Support page.

Create a Zendesk ticket


Enable employees to immediately create a ticket directly within LumApps in just a few clicks without needing to switch context, and make sure that all issues are addressed. 

Search for Zendesk tickets


Your tickets are a great source of knowledge. Enable your employees to search for documents, articles, experts and past Zendesk tickets to find the answers to their questions.


Support Your Employees

IT Portal

LumApps now enables employees to create a ticket directly within LumApps, see a list of tickets or even search for a ticket! Leveraging this integration, customers can enrich their IT Portal or IT Help & Support Portal. LumApps enables customers to create their own IT Knowledge base.

When searching in this database or searching in previous tickets, if employees do not find the answers they need, they can immediately create a new ticket without needing to switch context . This ultimately streamlines and improves their daily employee experience!

Create a Ticket - Zendesk with LumApps

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Employee Dashboard

Give employees easy access to work apps and resources in a centralized and intuitive interface – all of which can be customized to the needs of each individual. Apps can be organized according to which apps an employee uses most, or employees can add or remove their own apps, and quickly access favorite apps in just one click.

LumApps is the best place to provide a quick overview of your workday (emails, meetings, documents…) and now also your open Zendesk requests.

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