Provide a Smart Virtual  Assistant to your Employees

Witivio is the leading chatbot solution for LumApps. Answer your employees’ questions right away and enable them to focus on what matters. Improve your employee experience and increase team productivity with Witivio chatbots in LumApps.

Who is Witivio?
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Answer frequently asked questions so that your employees are never left without an answer! Guide employees to the right resources, processes or people.


And make sure that your support teams don’t spend their time to answer repetitive requests so that they can save time and focus on strategic matters.

Benefits of LumApps + Witivio

Simplify Employee Experience

Your chatbots created from the Witivio platform are directly embedded in your LumApps interface as a webchat.

Support Employees

These chatbots then enable you to provide answers to employees’ questions in a simple and engaging way.

Automate Processes

Chatbots are a great way to streamline and automate various processes across the organization.

HR Chatbot Use Cases

Leave Requests,  Home-office Requests, Paid Leave Balance…

Chatbot: Leave Requests,  Home-office Requests, Paid Leave Balance...

Chatbot for HR

IT Chatbot Use Cases

Chatbot for IT

Password & Login, Badge, Hardware Requests, Report Incident…

Chatbot : Password & Login, Badge, Hardware Requests, Report Incident...

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