Microsoft Teams Integration

LumApps is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams to help you promote and boost Microsoft Teams adoption. LumApps enables you to showcase Teams channels anywhere in your intranet. You can also increase the visibility of your intranet posts by posting them in Teams. LumApps and Teams complement each other for a simplified and streamlined employee experience.

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Surface Teams in LumApps

LumApps enables you to add business context to real-time conversations in Teams, and organize different types of communications in an efficient and engaging way.


Showcase Teams Channels

Showcase Teams channels in LumApps on your company homepage or on the employee dashboard.


Display a Teams Chat

Display a Teams chat directly in LumApps pages and communities.Organize virtual town halls.

From LumApps to Teams

— Start a Teams Chat From a LumApps User Profile

Start a Teams chat with your colleagues directly from their LumApps Employee Profile in the Employee Directory.

— Share a LumApps Post in Teams

Push your LumApps community posts in the associated Teams channel to increase visibility and ensure no one misses important updates!

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Latest News - LumApps with Microsoft Teams

LumApps in Teams

LumApps Profiled Newsfeed can be displayed directly within the corresponding Teams channel so that employees can easily access key news. Reaching employees where they are, this integration simplifies employee experience reducing the need for switching context to get information.

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Town Hall

Build a Virtual Town Hall to share event information and content,…


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