Enhance collaboration and bring visibility on your work.

Jira, the leading development planning tool trusted by 180,000 customers, is integrated in LumApps. Increase visibility of your projects and roadmap and drive team collaboration alignment by showcasing your Jira tickets directly in LumApps.

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Send a ticket to Jira - LumApps Integration

Create A Ticket

Enable employees to create a Jira ticket directly within your LumApps platform in just a few clicks, without needing to switch context and simplify the ticket creation process.

Display a list of Jira tickets

Display a list of Jira tickets in your LumApps platform to increase visibility on product management and project management, so that everyone is aware of the progress made.

Jira Tickets Listing - LumApps Integration


LumApps / Jira Use Cases


Product Management

Whenever you use Jira to manage product feedback, product roadmap or backlog, you can increase transparency your product management process by bringing Jira directly within your LumApps, in your product community or page.



Project Management

Teams using Jira to manage projects can now streamline their project management by integrating Jira directly in their project or team communities. Increase visibility and alignment displaying progress in LumApps.

Employee Support

Do you use Jira to manage Employee support processes such as Onboarding? If so, LumApps Employee Experience Platform is the right place to showcase these processes so that all employees can easily access them!

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