How to Lead Now: Managing Change and Building Resilience

LumApps is proud to sponsor How to Lead Now: Managing Change and Building Resilience, a virtual event on September 24.

As companies emerge from crisis, our real and virtual workplaces will evolve in lasting ways. How and where will the work get done–and who decides? How can leaders foster both productivity and passion among employees who can work from anywhere? What will foster inclusion and engagement among dispersed teams? What did we learn from the pandemic about maintaining the strength of corporate culture and reputation?

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This half day virtual event will include keynote, fireside chat, and panel discussions on our virtual main stage, as well as workshop sessions, chat, and one-on-one networking opportunities that will facilitate interaction with our presenters and your fellow participants.


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Productivity and the Pursuit of Happiness

September 24, 1:15 pm EDT

Remote workers operate in a world without boundaries and plenty of distractions. What can keep them focused on the job, yet able to meet their commitments to family and their own well-being? Where does technology help productivity–or hamper it? How can managers use surveillance tools in ways that protect privacy and prevent a backlash?

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