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TIBCO Creates a Corporate Culture and Engages Employees

Software company TIBCO needed to connect its collaborators across international locations and sought to increase engagement through improved internal communication. After adopting a Google environment, TIBCO then chose LumApps to provide a central platform integrated with G Suite.

The Challenge

TIBCO struggled with outdated employee tools, including an internally-built intranet platform. It was difficult to find the right information and as a result, without a cohesive environment, teams were spread over different sites. Overall, employees struggled to access internal information, relying heavily instead on email.

TIBCO sought to alleviate this fragmentation by uniting all functional pages and information silos in one place. The corporate team wanted more consistency and a platform that would be visually appealing to employees.

Why LumApps?

TIBCO first adopted G Suite and employees enjoyed the few Google applications they were already using (Mail, Maps, etc). When TIBCO decided to make a change, Google’s team then suggested LumApps for a fully integrated intranet solution. TIBCO appreciated LumApps’ overall simplicity in terms of design and administration. LumApps’ full integration with G Suite secured it as the best option.


The platform answers TIBCO’s essential needs:

  • Internal sites unification with up-to-date content
  • Brand & Design customization for a consistent and appealing visual identity
  • A single place for internal news and company strategy
  • Cloud-based and mobile internal platform
  • Simple user experience: one entry point for resources
  • External reinforcement & social features

TIBCO Intranet


It only took TIBCO a few months to implement LumApps custom solution and they haven’t looked back. What could you do for your team in months?

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Headquartered in Palo Alto, TIBCO is an integration and analytics software company. The company employs over 4,000 employees in 45 offices around the world, including Paris, London, Singapore, Boston and New York. Its mission is to enable organizations to transform their digital business through innovation, integration, and analytics. 



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