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Aboitiz: A Global Portal in Only 6 Weeks

For their intranet, Aboitiz Group has selected LumApps to usher in “digital way” of working where information and business services are shared dynamically.


The challenge

When Aboitiz Chief Digital Officer was appointed to transform the way people work at Aboitiz, he made the decision to deploy a cloud-based intranet platform which would be the unique entry point for all employees from all entities in their complex organization. Indeed, Aboitiz Group is composed of a galaxy of companies in several industries but will to engage everyone in the group vision and spread the corporate culture.

Their 3 main objectives were:

  • Unify all Aboitiz corporate services into a single platform (and remove all specific sites of any kind),
  • Bring everyone together under a consistent experience,
  • Align all business units while maintaining individual brand identity.

Why LumApps?

Aboitiz Group decided to deploy LumApps throughout the entire group because it meets most of their requirements in terms of accessibility, design and administration, it opens up new horizons for social usages, and it brings intelligence to better oversee business activities.
Indeed, LumApps has offered the opportunity to activate a true enterprise social network (not only to like, comment and share content, but as well to create communities and organized workspaces) and to create profile based and dynamic dashboards to display KPIs from other tools.

Services accessibility 

  • Full integration with Google’s G Suite and other enterprise services,
  • Available on all devices (desktops/laptops, tablets and smartphones) to work on the fly,
  • Highlight of the right information at the right time,
  • Single view of the company in one place (HR services, news, announcements, documents, communities, business apps, dashboard, etc.).

Design capabilities 

  • Customizable design to maintain consistent branding,
  • Allow personalization across the business units.

Setting management

  • Simple administration to enable business users to edit news,
  • Autonomy to preserve every business unit identity with a dedicated site for each,
  • Transversality: not one intranet for all but one customized site per collaborator,
  • Fast deployment: the site should be live 6 weeks after the kick-off.


The first and most obvious benefit is the unification of internal sites to centralize some companies information, initiate a group culture and drive values, and finally make people meet.

The key benefits Aboitiz is expecting from LumApps:

  • Reduction of email volume from 30-60%,
  • Increase of operational efficiency,
  • Promotion of better collaboration across the group.

The Aboitiz Group started in the late 1800s as a hemp trading business in Ormoc, Leyte. Today, its investments are in power, banking and financial services, food, land, construction, shipbuilding, and infrastructure. It is recognized as among the best managed companies in the Philippines and in the region, consistently cited for its strong commitment to good corporate governance.

Business Services


“I think the biggest win for Lumapps is the ability to create a global portal for a number of large diverse member companies (food, real estate, power, construction, etc.), that retained their identities but maintain the same user experience.”

Jojo Guingao

Jojo Guingao
LumApps Project Sponsor at Aboitiz Group