Unifying Système U’s Corporate Directories

Système U is organized into regional purchasing units, so collaborators are based in different locations. Système U needed an unified tool to enable employees to easily access internal contacts.

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About Système U

Système U is a French retailers’ cooperative, comprising about 1,500 independent hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Industry: Retail
Employees: 60,000

The Solution

Système U chose Google’s G Suite at the end of 2013, so LumApps could easily use Google accounts data to set up and feed an enriched users directory.

Now users can:

Search other collaborators by location, title, name, etc.
Access immediately information about a collaborator, including hierarchical relationships thanks to the chart view
Contact any co-worker directly from LumApps portal


Contacts administration is now managed by the group IT unit (GIE-IRIS). Users in all locations can display contacts inside their business unit but also for other departments, without changing IT tools anymore. They save time and benefit from an easy-to-use solution, which reinforces daily communication between entities.

For years we’d been searching for a solution to unify group directories. In only 3 months, LumApps Users Directory solved our issues and answered our needs.

– Philippe Bonnet, Applications Manager / G Suite Leader at U GIE-IRIS, Système U

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