Norauto Has Streamlined Its Internal Communications

Setting up LumApps is a step towards Norauto’s digitalization, including retail shops, while allowing closeness through communication and internal sharing.

logo norauto
About Norauto

Norauto, one of Mobivia group’s brand, is a leader on the auto-services market, settled in 8 different countries.

Industry: Retail
Employees: 10,000

The challenge

Norauto France‘s challenge is to facilitate access to information, encourage corporate commitment and give voice to employees. A major focus was to streamline internal communication and collaboration tools.

Why LumApps?

LumApps centralizes information in a more secured platform. A unique and transverse search engine makes access to information easier.


Employees are autonomous and committed as the corporate internal portal is fed by a hundred contributors.

The portal provides an easy access to information so the number of daily emails has decreased sharply: the newsletter module allows to send a weekly summary of product news.

With LumApps, collaborators become autonomous because they have an immediate access to information without wasting time searching. Also, with these responsive solutions available from mobile devices, all our employees are now involved in the project, even those who do not have computers

– Henri Dufour, Internal Communications Manager

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