Kiloutou’s Portal Makes People Work Together

Kiloutou wished to improve its internal usages and believes the perfect way to ease this transformation is to give a better access to content, including mobility for access on any device.
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About Kiloutou

Kiloutou is a major equipment rental company in France. With 430 agencies, Kiloutou is providing machinery, equipment and tools of all kinds and sizes for a limited period of time to final users, mainly to construction contractors but also to the industry and to individual consumers.

Industry: Business and individual services
Employees: 3,500

The Challenge

During the last ten years, Kiloutou has enhanced the accessibility for users to their business applications, reporting tools or corporate content, and after going Google, people have started to share documents or sites and this collaboration culture is spreading gradually. But the executive board drives a new direction in order to centralize the information and communication in a collaborative portal.

The group’s needs were very straightforward for the new platform:

Reduce emails

share experiences and ease the onboarding of new comers


and be more operational thanks to active and contextual content


Integrate business application in the portal and encourage workspaces

Increase efficiency

of the collaboration between people at the headquarter and on the agencies.

Why LumApps?

Collaborators were expecting a tool to ease the access to information, at the same time view only personalized information and be able to find any content with a powerful search engine. LumApps was a really good match.


With MyD.Klik intranet, Kiloutou has found a well-designed platform to centralize content with a flexible administration that makes it easy to follow the company’s organisation, even when it changes.

MyD.Klik has been thought to answer every co-worker need by providing:


Accessibility with content promotion to the right people


Quality by providing relevant information


Advanced and powerful search

A personalized space for each collaborator

LumApps has, of course, enabled us to manage our corporate communications but overall we have provided a personalized space for each collaborator. Every co-worker has his own page where he can subscribe to activities reporting, find his favorite business applications, and get an overview of his Gmail and Calendar.

As the improvement of information accessibility was a priority we had to think “Mobility.” Providing a responsive solution has added value for people on-the-go who are now able to work on tablets.

– Laurence Rouault, Project Manager

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Get started with LumApps

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