The Galeries Lafayette Group Connects All Employees Inside a New Single Intranet

For its internal digital transformation the Galeries Lafayette group called upon LumApps to launch a new intranet that would be accessible to all team members, especially employees in the field, in stores and in warehouses, who are not equipped with work computers.
About Galeries Lafayette group
A historical player in fashion residing in the heart of larges cities, the Galeries Lafayette group is fast becoming a reference of single-channel retail. The group welcomes each day over one million visitors in more than 280 stores and on online retail sites.
The group owns multiple iconic name brands: Galeries Lafayette, LE BHV MARAIS, Eataly Paris Marais, La Redoute, Louis Pion, Galeries Lafayette Royal Quartz, BazarChic, Guérin Joaillerie, Mauboussin.
Industry: Retail
Employees: 12,000


To better answer their transformation needs and enable each collaborator to better follow evolutions in retail and the company, the Galeries Lafayette needed a new tool to centralize communications, accessible to all, social and collaborative.

The goal: simplify and open access to information to gain efficiency and encourage synergies. All the while connecting all employees inside the company, especially those who are not equipped with desktops (stores, warehouses – plus half of the workforce), and were up until now relatively excluded from national internal communication. The goal also concerns operations, to better connect all points of sale for Galeries Lafayette and thus improve functioning inside the company’s network.

Before implementing the new intranet, the group’s internal communication relied on an outdated intranet which was exclusively used by collaborators on desktops and was not very attractive (no videos, no social features, etc.), as well as local tools for internal communication exclusive to certain management teams. As a result, internal communications were diffuse and siloed, creating multiple sources of information. Launching a new intranet gave made the company’s IC ecosystem more coherent.

Why LumApps?

The Galeries Lafayette group’s team chose LumApps because it’s a mobile solution, relying on cloud technology and technically easy to implement (no time-consuming developing)  and accessible on any device, including smartphones.

LumApps enables very specific and fine-tuned group management, which was a key point for the Galeries Lafayette group: this lets them address their local communication needs (for both the brands and at store-level) while pushing personalized content to collaborators according to their profile and their role inside the company.

What’s more, LumApps’ native integration to Google G Suite, Galeries Lafayette’s work environment, is the final touch for creating a unified digital workplace in the company.


The LumApps intranet gives the Galeries Lafayette group a new lease on its internal communications, in the larger context of the company’s digital transformation:
A brand new platform for
Broaden the scope of internal communications with a mobile and responsive tool, accessible to all collaborators, even teams on the field who are not equipped with work desktops,
Develop new ways of communicating and working, more digitally and more collaborative,
Facilite access to clear information, thanks to a unique entry point (LumApps is a “portal”)


Engage collaborators with attractive content and digital experience (design, communication in diverse formats, etc.)
Break communication silos between different business units, while enabling them to address local needs through dedicated spaces,

A new direction for internal communications

Launching a new intranet enabled us to build a more coherent and consistent ecosystem for our company’s internal communications.
– Marie-Laure Tsimbidima, Head of internal communications

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