How Centre France Transformed Collaboration Practices and Internal Communication

As part of its digital transformation, the Centre France group called upon LumApps to unify all its press titles and connect its 1,600 employees. The press group relies on an internal team dedicated to innovation and collaboration issues: The Centre France Lab.

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The intranet called “bonjour” connects the group’s 8 press titles and the 1,600 employees of Centre France – including 500 journalists and numerous other positions. The collaborative platform respects the transversal and unifying philosophy of the Lab: it hosts content to represent each job, hierarchical position and geographical entity.

Industry: Media (Press)
Users: 1,600

Customer Story Video

In this short video, we interview Marine Chamard from Centre France about her role, their best use cases and how the LumApps intranet has transformed not only their communications, but also their work and training practices.

A crucial need for the press

Centre France is a media group and main player for French regional press, encompassing 8 press titles and 11 weeklies in regional press. The group is known for 3 main press titles: La Montagne (headquarters), the Populaire du Centre and the Journal du Centre.

Centre France’s previous system’s drawbacks are frequent issues encountered by press organizations: this traditional industry is often disconnected, and functions following unbending processes.

Centre France needed to go further in its projects and push daily collaboration. One need especially was to enhance interactions between departments that rarely share their expertise internally.

Why LumApps?

To improve daily employees’ comfort, the Lab was looking for an easy-to-use tool providing direct access to business apps. After a prompt benchmark, the intranet offered by LumApps quickly presented itself as the best option, thanks to its platform integrated with the collaborative G Suite. LumApps also convinced stakeholders with a solution that’s open and personalized, user-friendly and easy to onboard users.

How the social intranet unifies the media group

The Bonjour intranet respects the transversal and unifying philosophy of the Lab: it hosts content to represent each job, hierarchical position and geographical entity.

Employees can access several spaces: News Center (content sorted according to user profile); “My Personal Space” (a daily dashboard with: emails, reminders, favorites, calendar); and a shortcut toward Tutorials.

Among the main pages of the platform: News, Communities, Pages, Tutorials, Directories, etc.

Without a doubt the best use case of Bonjour with the most positive feedback until now are the communities: they’ve acquired a great success among users! The number of communities is constantly growing, for increasingly diverse uses.  

In just a semester, Centre France provided a personalized intranet to its employees. What could you do for your team in six months?

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