Air Liquide Brasil Unites South American Entities

Air Liquide Brasil has created their independent intranet for the South America cluster, administered separately from Air Liquide Group’s corporate hub. AL Brasil unites all other SAM entities inside their “Portal” while providing tailored content and tools to answer local needs.

Air Liquide intranet Portal screenshot
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About Air Liquide Brasil

Air Liquide Brasil is part of the international Air Liquide Group, leading in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health. The company employs more than 1,200 people based in over 71 districts covering more than 80% of the Brazilian territory.

Industry: Chemistry
Employees: 1,200

The Challenge

As part of a specific corporate structure, AL Brasil has specific needs when it comes to their internal platform: adaptable and flexible, but structured enough to differentiate between other group entities and countries.

One year before LumApps, AL Brasil had launched an independent new intranet with a rough design, not yet on the cloud or integrated with G Suite, but preparing the way for a news platform with social interaction. The entity was facing growing needs to manage its own communications.

Why LumApps?

After the Group’s intranet, Brazil was the first entity to create their own intranet (separate URL) with LumApps in 2015, and have been developing their platform, without any outside help. The intranet was deployed internally over 2-3 weeks, following an “exploration mindset.” Indeed, the LumApps solution makes it simple to use and easy to explain

LumApps offers the requisite flexibility and structure to mold the platform into a common hub for separate entities that nevertheless answer to the same headquarters.


Employees have successfully adopted the group’s corporate culture, but AL Brasil now wants people to feel that they belong to a cluster. The new intranet platform helps to unite all entities and provides multiple benefits for both headquarters and employees.

The new common platform for the SAM cluster has the following features:
Multilingual versions

To adapt to each country’s workforce

Simple & easy navigation

So that every employee can access their own local news and also other country pages or group news

G Suite integration

To fit with their preexisting work tools

Tailored content

Platform focuses on local news to answer local needs and avoid content duplication.

Easy administration

So that the internal communication team can easily create their cluster platform, independently from the Air Liquide group

Easy graphic design

To keep a common identity across all entities inside one group

Our future with LumApps

LumApps has shown great potential to allow employees to be connected anytime & anywhere. With the boost of G Suite, we plan to integrate it more and more with their daily life.

So we want to build a more robust mobility culture path, perhaps, followed by mobile access, which would break new frontiers with the employee, especially those who are not full-time connected to a desktop, but always have a mobile at the reach of their hand. 

– Roger Spalding, Corporate Communication Coordinator for Air Liquide Brasil

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