Randstad: Placing Humans at the Heart of Technology

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About Randstad

Randstad is the global leader in the HR services industry. By serving as a trusted human partner in today’s technology-driven world of talent, they support people and organizations in realizing their true potential. Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, in the Netherlands. Established in the company’s early days, Randstad continues to live by their core values: to know, serve, trust, strive for perfection and offer simultaneous promotion of all interests.

+10 000 employees

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Randstad France’s Needs for Digital Transformation

In 2016, Randstad France initiated a digital transformation, called Tech & Touch. With new technologies disrupting work habits, it was essential for Randstad to continue to connect people with each other. The Tech&Touch strategy combines technology and humans to make the best of both worlds. In this way, Randstad meets new HR challenges and builds the future of HR services. Regarding AI, chatbots and smartdata, Randstad’s internal communication had to reinvent itself and embody this transformation. After experiencing many Sharepoint sites, the group decided to move all of the group’s brands onto a single global intranet.

Randstad France and LumApps

Randstad France and LumApps have worked together from the beginning to build Randstad’s digital workplace. Named Com’unity, this new platform connects 4,800 employees thanks to a modern intranet. Randstad and LumApps share the same vision of the digital workplace. Com’unity enables Randstad to:

  • PROMOTE a common culture and involve its employees (human forward)
  • SIMPLIFY the work of employees and improve productivity
  • CAPTURE and share knowledge (peer to peer/team communities)
  • CONNECT all employees from anywhere (thanks to mobile)

Com’unity is a unique entry point for employees to all corporate news, business applications and social discussions. Thanks to LumApps targeting features, all contents are fully personalized for each employee, depending on the business unit. Employees’ experience is smooth, relevant and contributes to user adoption. LumApps also enables companies to fully brand their platform. Design features provide powerful opportunities. When Randstad’s graphic charter changed, Com’unity reflected this evolution and helped employees to assimilate the new identity.

“Simple, seamless and transparent collaborative working”

Within the Randstad Group, we develop a corporate culture in which every employee has a say and actively participates in the development of the strategy. This is why I am developing our digital workplace and I am confident of the importance of this space, which allows for simple, seamless and transparent collaborative working, where executives, managers, employees, trainees, etc. can act and interact, each in their own way.

Eberlyn Joseph, Internal Communication Manager at Randstad France

Key Use Cases



Randstad brings together several brands. When
employees log on the Com’unity homepage, they have access
to corporate news but also to dedicated pages, organized per
brand. The homepage succeeds in bringing everyone together
under the same company umbrella, while allowing employees
to find targeted information.


Employee Dashboard

On the homepage, a “My Space” button redirects employees to a personal dashboard. This page is fully personalized. Randstad made the choice to let employees add or delete widgets, so they can appropriate this page. Widgets include calendar, folders, tools, RSS feed, news and posts, and even a weather forecast.

Local sites

Brand pages gather specific HR guidelines and everyday information. After browsing the homepage with all corporate news, employees have access to relevant and dedicated content, specific to their brand. Combining a corporate homepage and brand pages is the perfect balance to encourage a feeling of belonging in the company and support day-to-day work.


Team Randstad Communities

Along with several communities, Randstad launched the #teamrandstad community. This global community is open to all 4,800 Randstad employees and is meant to be professional but also fun, communicating great business achievements and recognizing the work employees do by sharing testimonials. Giving a voice to all employees is a great achievement.

Launching communities

Randstad customer story

Digital functionalities are always evolving. To keep its portal attractive, Randstad worked hand in hand with LumApps to improve functionalities and user experience. LumApps solution is designed to offer 2 main approaches to corporate communication: top-down as an enterprise portal and horizontally with social communities.

After starting with a top- down communication strategy, Randstad decided to take up a new challenge in 2019: launching communities. After a 6 months pilot program, #teamrandstad community was launched. The Randstad Chairman was very active during the launch (and still is) and shared a dynamic video to support the project. The aim behind Randstad communities is to encourage employees to participate in the company as much as possible by creating their own content in dedicated communities.

Key results


Employees have access to
#teamrandstad communities


Active users


New posts & 6,914 reactions in one month


Connected users during the two first weeks


Of the connected employees interacted (likes, posts or comments)

Randstad is a leader in the HR services industry and positions itself as a key player for the future of work. To leverage corporate communication and turn all employees into powerful brand advocates, Randstad is working with LumApps on a new Employee Social Advocacy solution.