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logo veolia

Unifying an Ecosystem of Internal Websites

Veolia needed multi-language contents, native integration with G Suite, and a powerful search engine.

logo tibco

Corporate Culture and Engages Employees

TIBCO needed to connect its collaborators across international locations and sought to increase engagement through improved…

How 1000+ Stores Became One

ETAM group transcends physical limits to unite its 1000+ European locations in one digital space.

Brand Identity for All Employees

LumApps provides Mérieux NutriSciences with a common platform to link all employees across the world and reinforce brand identity.

A Digital Identity for 14,000 Employees

LumApps provides a platform improving communications channels between corporate and store workers.

logo Air Liquide Brasil

Air Liquide Brasil Unites South American Entities

Air Liquide Brasil unites all other South American entities inside their “Portal” while providing tailored content and tools to…
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