Integrations Turn LumApps Platform into a True Employee Hub

Employee experience is a top CEO priority . It’s one of the most important factors impacting the ability to deliver on business objectives. Organizations need to create a supportive, productive work environment with efficient ways for their employees to access the right information, collaborate and share knowledge.

LumApps Open Platform SDK

Typically, the average employee navigates between four or more applications to execute a single business process. Most workers toggle between apps 10 times per hour, resulting in 32 days per year of lost workplace productivity .

Consequently, companies want “integration with existing investments in cloud office, collaboration and business applications,” stated Gartner, which is why “Intelligent workspace solutions have connectors to everything that the worker needs including line-of-business apps, enterprise applications such as ERP or CRM, and vertically-focused apps”, according to the IDC.

35+ pre-built integrations with collaborative suites, search engines, ID providers and business apps

And when it comes to integration, it’s not a mere link to a splash page or just an iFrame! LumApps provides 35+ pre-built integrations with mission-critical tools and business apps so that employees have the right tools and information at their fingertips to efficiently perform work, in context.

The LumApps Employee Experience Platform comes with uniform, comprehensive integrations with both Microsoft and Google collaborative suites; search engines powered by Google, Microsoft or Coveo to complement LumApps native search when needed. Identity providers, such as Okta , create a secure and seamless digital working environment.

LumApps also provides pre-built connectors to organizations’ preferred HRM, employee services, communication, and other business apps (Slack, ServiceNow or Zendesk to name a few) to streamline communication and boost employee’s productivity. The ability to capture and share knowledge from and to the tools employees use everyday enables workers to get the job done, in context.

Brand-new LumApps SDK for Custom Integration Development

Each organization is unique, standard integrations may not cover specific needs, custom connectors to business apps, tools or services are often required. That’s why LumApps provides a secure software development environment for IT teams to build dedicated integrations. Using our robust Software Development Kit (SDK), launched September 30, 2021, internal teams or consultants can build integrations with a limited time and budget in total harmony with a platform’s look and feel.

SDK Early Adopter Testimonials

Ecocea , a communication design consultancy, used the LumApps SDK during our early adopter program.

“For a global luxury group equipped with LumApps, we developed, in less than 15 days and no prior knowledge of the LumApps product, 3 widgets which surface on their LumApps pages open positions as described in their proprietary HRIS.”

Vincent Moliné

Project Director, Ecocea


“LumApps SDK gives us the ability to quickly go from concept to delivery for an integration, ” added John Reynolds, VP, Technology at LumApps partner Social Edge Consulting .

“It checks the boxes for us on ease of development using built-in extension templates, complete coverage for both the front and backend APIs, added utilities that provide context, strong security based on best practices, and high performance. Overall, the quality of the SDK allows us to extend LumApps with rich features that feel and act like ones that are native to the platform. As a result, we proactively talk to our customers about integration possibilities that are right for their requirements and use cases.”

John Reynolds

VP Technology, Social Edge Consulting


Witivio  is a SaaS vendor for employee experience. Their core product provides a conversational experience within the digital workplace. Typically, their chatbots can answer typical employee questions, 24/7, on HR or IT topics for example.

“LumApps being a leader in that field, it was logical to offer our common customers a seamless and simple integration with our virtual agents.”

“With LumApps SDK, we developed in a few hours an integration of our Web Chat component. Communications between our respective Javascript frameworks was simple and no specific expertise required. The LumApps development environment and documentation enabled us to expedite this. Our integration upcoming goals are to capitalize on LumApps contents from Witivio chabot.”

Nicolas Humann

CEO, Witivio

Employee Engagement, Enablement, and Empowerment

By providing such integrations with third-party business apps and services, LumApps goes beyond the traditional intranet use cases. We create an open platform with dynamic use cases that drive adoption for communication, HR, IT/support, and more.

Integrations transform the way a workforce works and operates by making LumApps platform a true employee hub. Organizations ultimately succeed at the three building blocks of effective employee experience: Engagement, Enablement, and Empowerment.


Thierry Moncoutié
Senior Product Marketing Manager


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Published on

October 15, 2021