LumApps + Coveo: Helping Employees be Continuously Informed

Improving the search experience in your digital tools can lead to significant improvements in overall digital employee experience, and reduce frustration and digital friction. 

LumApps x Coveo

Your employees have high expectations when it comes to searching and quickly finding what they need inside your digital tools. Delivering a fast, relevant, and personalized search experience to your employees is most likely a top initiative in your organization.

LumApps and Coveo’s partnership has improved the search and relevancy experience inside LumApps. We’ve detailed some of the key improvements and values.

Information Finds You

A recent Coveo survey found that employees spend 2.5 hours every day searching for information to do their jobs. And 41% of the information companies provide to their employees is irrelevant to their specific job role.

Irrelevant content isn’t just a drain on employee productivity and time, but can ultimately lead to less informed decisions. Traditional federated search, which retrieves information from multiple sources, sometimes isn’t sufficient given the volume of content, applications, and resources at many organizations.

“Employees struggle to stay afloat as information floods their digital workplace. Executive leaders must sound the alarm and help their colleagues to leverage emerging technologies that dynamically and proactively surface information in the flow of work, enabling a continuously informed workforce.”

Gartner: “Future of Work Trends: Information Finds You,” Stephen Emmott, Michael Woodbridge, 2021.

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

With the recent partnership between Coveo and LumApps, two leading technologies come together to create a digital workplace solution built for the demands of tomorrow’s remote and hybrid workforces. This partnership helps enterprises deliver a more relevant and personalized employee experience. Employees can accomplish more on their own, leading to increased productivity and morale.

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Automation as an Accelerating Growth and Resilience Tool

Many companies struggle with digital transformation, achieving unified communication, and knowledge sharing. Coveo’s AI-powered search, recommendations and personalization will bolster LumApps’ Employee Experience Platform by making enterprise-wide knowledge more discoverable.

The majority of employee experience platforms are ripe with content and assets created over time by employees. Many LumApps customers have migrated their content after 10+ years on a previous platform. Imagine the content audit! Often for employees, trying to find something, or get onboarded into a position, is overwhelming. The large amount of content is a problem for authors, administrators, and users of employee experience platforms.

The partnership between LumApps and Coveo enhances the search experience already in place inside LumApps, by providing smart recommendations, to the right assets, based on user profile and user activity. Employees will be able to better find existing content versus going back to the drawing board when their search comes up empty.

Coveo LumApps Screenshot 2

Integrations in the Flow of Work

Often, LumApps is chosen as the single point of access to all employee tools across an organization. There are many ways to use product integrations inside LumApps, such as targeted business application repositories, embedded integrations, and searching into 3rd party ecosystems.

Using Coveo search inside of LumApps provides users with a 360° view of relevant corporate resources. Connecting third party knowledge repositories and tools requires limited technical knowledge and provides immediate value for employees, simplifying and unifying the experience. For example, a sales rep might start their day on a commute to a client meeting. They can open the LumApps mobile app, do a quick search for “Updated Pricing List” and review relevant results from LumApps, Zendesk, and Salesforce. Similar experiences occur for an HR manager looking for employee data, a marketing rep looking for the editorial calendar or an IT professional looking for support ticket process documentation.

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Keeping employees informed is not a simple switch. It requires personalization, relevance and automation innovations, along with key integrations. The LumApps and Coveo partnership empowers employees to be effective at information retrieval and knowledge sharing.

If you’re ready to enhance enterprise search or want to discuss how the technology works together, contact an expert today.

About Coveo
Coveo is a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform. Coveo’s SaaS-native, multi-tenant platform injects search, recommendations, and personalization solutions into digital experiences. Coveo is a trademark of Coveo Solutions Inc.


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December 1, 2021