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change management strategy

Why Communication in Change Management is Important?

Facilitating any significant change within an organization can be challenging. In larger companies particularly, it can be even more complicated because there are many different teams that will be affected by any new operating procedures. That’s why all potential consequences must be addressed and worked through for the change to be successful.

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What is Employee Advocacy

What is Employee Advocacy? Benefits, Examples and Strategies

Employee advocacy is a trend you may be hearing a lot of lately. It applies to companies of all sizes and in all industries. This employee advocacy guide will explain to you what it is and how you can use it to your advantage to help you recruit the best candidates and boost sales.

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digital workplace benefits

10 Benefits of a Digital Workplace: Why Do Companies Need One?

The digital workplace has become a core part of the work experience in many organizations. When you’re thinking about creating or improving your organization’s digital workplace, it’s natural to wonder: What’s in it for me? Why is a Digital Workplace so important?

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What is Intranet

What is an Intranet? All the Features & Benefits of an Intranet 2.0

If you want to find out more about how an intranet works and what the benefits of an intranet are, this is the article to read. From sharing company information to improving employee engagement and increasing revenue, an intranet is an essential business tool. Find out how your organization could benefit from a digital workplace supported by a company intranet.

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business change management plan

10 Steps to Achieve your Change Management Process

In the modern business landscape, the only constant is change. In the blink of an eye, market dynamics transform, economic externalities occur, governmental policies shift, and employment expectations adjust. Thanks to the incredible rate of technological advancement over the past few decades, major disruptions can happen in a matter of weeks rather than years.

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managing business during crisis

3 Steps to Maintaining Business Normalcy within a Crisis

We are currently living under an air of uncertainty. Many organizations have had to fall back to dusty crisis response playbooks and untested continuity plans. Corporate communications professionals, HR business partners, and IT leaders are pressured to maintain the operational status quo under duress.

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improved employee experience

10 Ways to Improve Digital Communication in the Workplace

Communicating in the digital workplace is an integral component of any modern organization. Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of us to work remotely, it’s taken on even greater significance with the majority of the communication between employees happening digitally.

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Corporate Culture

What is Company Culture? Importance and Best Practices

How does a thriving company culture make businesses more successful? Why is company culture such a hot topic? Companies develop personalities over time. This statement is true whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or you are operating a digital workplace. It is what the term “company culture” refers to. It incorporates the company’s mission statement, as well as its values, ethics, and goals. This article will explain the importance of company culture as well as how to build one for your company and how to improve your existing one.

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Virtual Help Desk

6 Steps to Implement a Virtual Help Desk During a Crisis

During a time of crisis, rallying your employees around a central communication source like a Virtual Help Desk will help your employees stay informed, reassured, and free to ask questions. Even when information is pushed through other channels like email, the Help Desk is where employees can find, review, and engage with official communications at any time and from any location.

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How to Manage the New Normal of Blended Family & Work?

The work life balance has become increasingly stressful and difficult to manage for many knowledge workers for quite some time. The dream and promise of technology to deliver less stress, fewer hours in the office, and more family time has been a modern-day farce.

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