We Raised 24M in Series B Funding – Here’s How and Why

(April 12, 2019) Sébastien Ricard, CEO – I’m very excited to announce that LumApps has raised $24 million in Series B Funding.

LumApps Founders

From left to right: Lionel, Sebastien and Elie


Sébastien Ricard
Co-founder and CEO

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April 11, 2019


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I’m very excited to announce that LumApps has raised $24 million in Series B Funding.

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A huge thanks to IdInvest Partners for believing in us once again after a Series A in 2017 and a very busy 2018, a year that wasn’t without its tribulations. We trust them to support us and provide the experience and vision to keep growing over time to great new heights.

This wouldn’t have been possible without my co-founders Lionel Grivel, Elie Mélois, Olivier Chanoux and other valued associates, and without the tireless work from the entire LumApps team.

Meet our executive team


Series A Funding

Customer-driven from the start

LumApps has always been about connecting people and building lasting work relationships. We started LumApps Social Intranet to answer the needs of our historical customer Veolia and have kept a strong customer focus ever since.

Today we’ve earned the trust from a range of prominent and international companies, in a variety of industries, in the Forbes 500 List and the European Stock Market.

Meet some of our customers


What’s more, a full 50% of our team is dedicated to product development, and that’s not changing any time soon.

Clients speaking about LumApps

Tommy from Colgate-Palmolive and Lucy from Veolia

New solutions

As we keep innovating and growing upon our star social intranet solution, we also want to offer more possibilities for businesses to extend their digital workplace.
So this funding will also support our new solution offers, so that LumApps goes beyond pure intranet to become the digital workplace of the future.

We just launched LumApps Social Employee Advocacy – so that all companies can turn their engaged collaborators into the best brand advocates!

Discover LumApps Social Employee Advocacy

We may have started in France, but it was always my dream for LumApps to become an international company.

– Sébastien Ricard, Co-founder and CEO

Building a worldwide legacy

In just a few years, we tripled our team from under 50 to over 150 and went from a national startup to an international company. I still can’t believe the strides we’ve made since our inception. Each new year looks nothing like the last.

In 2019, my plan for LumApps is not only to keep scaling, but also to steady our culture for more employee well-being.

We may have started in France, but it was always my dream for LumApps to become an international company. Starting in 2018 we brought in experienced American talents, such as Mike Beeson, Rob Ryan and Frank Pathyil. We also consolidated our offices in the USA – HQ in New York, with teams in Austin and San Francisco.

LumApps winning the Global Partner Solution Innovation Award

Our team back in 2017, winning the Global Partner Solution Innovation Award

The year 2019 was a real turning point, as our customers and revenue are more than ever coming from US enterprises who trust our product with a French flavor.

Things are also picking up on the JAPAC front, as we build our footprint from Tokyo, Japan – proof that LumApps’ appeal transcends geographical boundaries.


LumApps Culture and Employee Well-being

2019 is the year we build a true LumApps culture and focus on employee well-being. What’s more, four of our teams are getting new offices!

Once more, I’m very proud to share this important new step in LumApps History.

All I can say now is that I hope you’ll keep watching for us!

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