The Secret to Increasing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is like a chain reaction. A good work environment encourages employees to work harder. In turn, happy employees are more creative and productive, which results in higher profits and improved business development.

This is not all! Various elements are influencing the chain that can be both positively or negatively related to keeping employee engaged. This makes the task of increasing engagement more complicated. But don’t lose hope! There are some immediate steps you can take to make it easier.

Leverage Your Intranet to Increase Employee Engagement

Invest in Employees’ Professional Development

If you want employees to feel motivated to improve their daily work, you must demonstrate a commitment to investing in their professional development. Intranet platforms can support this endeavor, as the perfect place to host internal employee training. Learn how to leverage your intranet and provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow their skill sets. Dedicate a place on your site for online courses, webinars, even live streams of important corporate meetings. It can make employees feel more connected to common goals.

At the same time, learning how to use the corporate intranet itself, can be intimidating and time-consuming. Therefore, a starting point can be to teach employees how to navigate and utilize the platform or any other digital tool for that matter. Ensuring that all users have proper training will increase adoption and engagement.

online training to increase employee engagement

Listen to Employees

Another great use of an intranet is conducting employee surveys and questionnaires. But, how can you ensure employees will participate? Show them you are ready to listen to their feedback. The intranet is the perfect place to ask employees’ opinions quickly. Create a space to ask questions concerning life in the organization or within a particular office. Let employees discuss matters closer to them and you will observe an increase in their engagement.

Employees may not be willing to participate and share information if they feel like their opinion is not taken seriously. Take smaller steps and act on things you can easily improve. In time, you will see that employee engagement and motivation will increase, leading to higher participation in corporate initiatives.

listening to workers to increase employee engagement in the workplace

Be Social, Promote Social

Another closely related factor is good communication. Both employees and employers want better communication at work. Engaged workers feel emotionally invested in their jobs, but there is only so much a manager can do to provide that. Another more fun way to engage employees is to foster closer connections with colleagues. Building healthy personal relationships is a key ingredient to improving employee engagement. When people feel more comfortable interacting with each other they are demonstrating an example of positive behavior that other employees are more keen to follow.

The intranet can be an excellent place to centralize all communication between workers. Groups and communities can be created around various activities or interests that employees are excited about.

The secret to increasing employee engagement is that there is no secret. If you want to know what motivates people at work, just ask them. If you want them to be invested in the development of your organization, show that you care about their growth too. Provide people with the right tools and keep lines of communication open for everyone.


Asya Stamenova
Brand Content Writer

Published on

November 14, 2019


Employee Engagement, Intranet, Tips & Tricks

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