What We Learned From Strategic Internal Communications Boston

Mid-July, a few of our LumApps Sales headed over to Boston to attend the 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference, hosted by the Advanced Learning Institute. The event’s friendly scope was the perfect opportunity to retrieve direct feedback about what companies want in a digital workplace.

Strategic Internal Communications Boston
A great venue for internal comms professionals to hear informative sessions.
Maya Riebel
Content Manager
Published on
July 23, 2018
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The ideal venue for experts

Held in the Omni Parker House in Boston on July 17-19, the Strategic Internal Communications was the perfect place for internal communication experts to meet and exchange ideas.

The conference was attended by passionate professionals who were very engaged in the speaker sessions, and looking for ways to improve the way they communicate internally.

Thanks to a no-pressure environment, discussions flowed easy and LumApps made around a hundred contacts. Our team saw genuine interest from attendees and enjoyed starting real conversations with enterprise deciders about their expectations and aspirations for communication solutions.

Here’s what they had to say.

LumApps at the Strategic Internal Communications

What companies want… for internal comms

After hearing from LumApps, attendees were excited about the possibilities for a new digital workplace! So they shared their common pain points with us.

Here’s what internal communication experts wish they could implement:

Better ways to connect all departments
More ways to enhance email usage
The same communication tool for all departments
Not only top-down communications, but also cross-department information flow
Breaking down silos
More interactive content like videos
More information on mobile devices
LumApps presentation
Vincent holding his audience captive while talking about LumApps

LumApps at general tech events

This year at LumApps we are intent on opening up our scope of events to attend more general technology events, bringing together vendors and professionals curious about digital workplaces cloud solutions, and community or productivity tools. Look out for us at conferences focusing on enterprise topics such as internal communication and employee engagement.


Here are some of the tech events we’ve attended so far in 2018:


  • Cloud Days Tokyo & Osaka
  • Intranet RSE (ESN) conference in Paris
  • Digital Workplace Summit in Las Vegas
  • ACT-W in Phoenix
  • Intranet Reloaded in Boston
  • Intranet Global Forum in Atlanta
  • Smile Expo in London
  • DWX in Chicago

Why don’t you check out our internal communication white papers?

We’re so invested in the topic that we had to write two chapters! This two-part white paper will help you to target weak points, then adopt a strategy to tackle these problems.
In the first chapter, we figure out the communication difficulties plaguing your organization, their unpleasant consequences and explore content types.
In a second chapter, we provide you with some tips and best practices you can implement in order to foster your internal communications.
Good communication is of the utmost importance for all organizations.

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