LumApps Team Runs 154 Km in One Day

10 LumApps teammates participated in a race in Lyon (FR) on October 2, 2016 and finished in the Top 20 of companies ranking. A great day of sport and team building!

At LumApps, we are used to playing sports with colleagues. People usually gather for a swimming session, go to the gym or the swimming pool, play tennis or badminton, rent a soccer ground, or just run in the countryside around the office.

But on this special day, 10 LumApps coworkers had decided to register for the biggest regional race in terms of attendees, Run in Lyon. Some came well-prepared for a marathon debut, others followed a quick training program during the preceding month and one of us was talented enough to run a sub-hour 10K without ever training!

The team ranked at the 18th position over 227 companies. Beyond the performances, we spent a great moment together, with enthusiastic talks in the office beforehand, to ask experienced runners how to prepare and afterwards, to tell personal stories.

You can rest assured, we will be there next year!

The results

LumApps prepares to run

LumApps Running Team

Florian sous la pluie

Raining bibs

Angelina running


Elie & co taking shelter from the rain

During rainshower

Elie ready to run


Clément receives support post-marathon

Clément (post marathon)

The LumApps team will be back!

Runners will be back

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