LumApps People Escaped From the Office

On Wednesday 14 September 2016, LumApps people have experienced a physical adventure game in Lyon (France) near Headquarters.

Coworkers, teammates and buddies

At LumApps, people often plays board games, foosball, soccer or tennis together for lunch. They also often go for an after work refreshment at night. But sometimes, to go further, everyone in the company breaks free from the office for a few hours during the work day to bond with colleagues. More than team building, it is also a way to get to know each other because the team focuses tightly on the company’s development, moving forward at an unbridled pace, and welcome new teammates every month.

Every year a new experience

Last year, the LumApps team went to play golf (have a look at the photo gallery) and wanted to try something new this year. As many of the developers are video games players, the choice was made to play in escape rooms. The concept: players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.
As LumApps counts brilliant minds, all teams succeeded in escaping within an hour 😉

Of course, this experience brought the team closer together but it was also the opportunity to have a brainstorming session focused on the future of the company.

LumApps team blindfolded awaiting their fate

Remember last year

Golf ambiance

Team listening to golf trainer

Taking a swing

Golf Practice

Philippe and Florian golf putting

LumAppers playing golf

Golf on the green

LumAppers playing golf

Golf training

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