LumApps Strengthens Netpremacy Partnership

In late 2016, LumApps acquired a new European partner in Google Cloud services, Netpremacy, specialized in cloud infrastructure and deployment strategies. Comprising Vendor Certified consultants and engineers, Netpremacy is an internationally trusted name in Cloud Strategy we’re proud to call our partner. For 2017, we’re pushing our partnership even further.

NetpremacyA strong market presence  

Based in the UK, Netpremacy caters to thousands of companies in over 30 countries, ensuring technical deployment, security, training and other aspects of Customer Success. Names with strong brand recognition such as Canon, Travelodge, Aviva or Lonely Planet trust Netpremacy, allowing solutions such as LumApps to support their digital transformation.

LumApps trusts Netpremacy with our clients, since their team of Vendor Certified engineers trained with ease in our platform. Their proven expertise means maximum customer satisfaction.  

Our shared mission

As with all our partners, we built the partnership with our English counterparts from a shared goal to empower organizations through the latest technology.  

Both parties hold each other accountable, with high expectations. LumApps has faith in Netpremacy’s well-earned pedigree and reputation as the leading G Suite Premier Partner. Netpremacy is thoroughly convinced by LumApps’ close relationship with Google, seizing on the opportunity to enhance their advising status by offering a truly innovative solution.

“We’re very excited to be working with Lumapps. We at Netpremacy look for partners who are established in the marketplace, have excellent credentials and deliver results. Google selected LumApps as their recommended enterprise portal available through its G Suite Marketplace. We look forward to seeing this partnership delivering lots of success moving forward”

– Michael Carter, CEO of Netpremacy

Moving forward with Netpremacy

At LumApps, we strive to develop a strong partnership with Netpremacy, as a top Google Cloud Premier Partner. Previously aiming for the same goals independently, we are now uniting to bring organizations better solutions, implementing genuinely progressive business practices.

More than mutual trust, LumApps and Netpremacy also share a vision for our future work relationship. We bring teams and discussions together in one place for a seamless work experience, to move toward an efficient digital workplace.

If you are a UK-based company, contact Netpremacy to learn what they can do for you.

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