LumApps Discovers Microsoft Future Decoded 2019

As LumApps has joined the Microsoft world of digital solutions, attending one of their year’s biggest events was a given. So the LumApps team headed to Microsoft Future Decoded in London, October 1-2, 2019 – where Artificial Intelligence took center stage.

Aligning and exchanging with Microsoft

As a Microsoft ISV partner, LumApps proudly hosted two theater presentations during Microsoft’s flagship UK event, so conference-goers could discover how LumApps boosts Microsoft Office 365 adoption, and how the digital workplace plays a strategic role in employee experience.

LumApps members from our US and EMEA offices joined in London to meet with partners, and exchange with IT professionals and decision makers about our complementary LumApps solutions. Our team heard from industry experts about how to leverage the latest technology trends, both now and in the future.

Future Decoded was also the perfect place for LumApps to reaffirm our alignment with Microsoft values. Microsoft’s mission is to empower people and organizations, building successful solutions that lead to lasting social impact. This is an ideal match for LumApps’ own mission: to provide the best employee experience, so people feel that they belong and have a purpose.

Watch our video at Microsoft Future Decoded

This year’s hot topic: Artificial Intelligence

Each year yields a star theme and this edition of Future Decoded had Artificial Intelligence on everyone’s lips… The main question being: are we ready for AI at scale? Let LumApps offer a short digest of the session: “AI: From Experimentation to Implementation”.

AI is for all

According to Microsoft experts, AI is already here: 56% of UK organizations use it in their work processes. Industry leaders such as Boots, NHS and WeWalk gave testimonials about their AI usages, whether it’s how to move beyond experimenting into implementation, or how to create a culture of participation so that AI works for everyone.

Among the use cases presented: AI can help to automatize marketing actions to increase revenue, or help ease the administrative burden of employees to favor more human interaction, or help alert for danger. The prospective uses are infinite.

Why companies should consider AI

Artificial Intelligence is a clear industry advantage. Just in case businesses are still hesitating on the road to AI transformation, here are the main reasons AI is the future of work.
  • AI creates a competitive advantage Accelerating AI will give businesses a competitive edge. One of the largest surveys worldwide about AI (100 organizations, 4000 employees) revealed a 11.5% productivity gap between organizations using AI at scale versus those who don’t.
  • Deploying AI makes for a climate-stable future AI will not only help to prepare but also to build a better future. According to Dr. Lucas Joppa, AI could result in a 4% drop in carbon emissions, while also boosting a 4% increase in GDP in the world.
  • AI is an opportunity for transformation  Deciders and IT leaders must embrace the change in order to better serve not only their business but their people, because “Transformation is about people.” AI leads to employee engagement, leading to organizations’ success.

LumApps and AI

So where does that leave us? LumApps aligns with Microsoft’s product roadmap and clearly foresees AI in the future of work. It is part of LumApps’ vision to integrate Artificial Intelligence into our solutions, so that businesses can scale comfortably with LumApps, while providing the best employee experience possible.
Integrating a smart digital workplace today can help IT leaders and application owners to start discussing AI with their employees.
Stay tuned for a future article dedicated to AI!
Maya Riebel
Communications Manager
Published on
October 11, 2019
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Microsoft Future Decoded

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