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Content that assists users to get the most of an intranet. We have prepared for you, a series of tips and tricks that will support you develop one well-integrated and social intranet. Explore the blog to find different intranet ideas, to guide your organization and expansion of sites and functions. We will teach you how to use the intranet in the most optimal and engaging ways.

onboarding remote employees

How to Create a Great Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees

Historically, employee onboarding has primarily taken place in-person, but in today’s evolving workforce, being able to onboard new employees remotely using an intranet platform is a necessity.

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How Employee Advocacy Can Help Your Brand Build Trust

When motivated employees love the company they work for, they are the greatest asset of any organization. Not only can they help build brand trust, but they can assist in meeting marketing goals. They play a crucial role in increasing an organization’s productivity and growing revenue.

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7 Traits Blog Image

7 Traits of a Successful Digital Workplace

There are several specific qualities of exceptional Digital Workplaces that stand out as contributing factors to success. The good news is that these attributes can be executed regardless of the technology selection.

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listening to workers to increase employee engagement in the workplace

The Secret to Increasing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is like a chain reaction. A good work environment encourages employees to work harder. In turn, happy employees are more creative and productive, which results in higher profits and improved business development.

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multiple tasks causing infobesity in the workplace

Managing Infobesity: 5 Tips for Employees

Who is responsible for solving problems like infobesity? Is it a job for the internal communications team, or maybe all employees play a role? Do we need a top-down approach or maybe a more vertical one?

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