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The expert blog of LumApps is aiming to provide information concerning various topics on employee communication. Explore some of the internal communication best practices and find useful advice, on how to apply them in your workplace. Communication is not just about providing information, it’s about so much more. How do people receive it? Do they remember the information given? Do they want to share in return? Lumapps blog can show you how to improve internal communication in your organization.

retail communication benefits

7 Reasons Why Communication Is Important in Retail

Communication is a key component of business, especially in the retail sphere. Excellent internal and external communication in retail will have a positive effect on both customers and employees. Read on to discover seven distinct benefits that organizations enjoy after improving their communication strategies.

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return to work

5 Return to Work Tips for Your Employees After a Crisis

After months of stay-at-home orders and the shuttering of non-essential businesses internationally, many states are beginning to lift restrictions. While this is good news, it is important to proceed with care and caution so as to not risk a second wave of infections.

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Internal Communication Strategy

How to Build a Successful Internal Communication Strategy?

Is your internal communication strategy working? Does external communication with clients and suppliers seem more important? Internal and external communication strategies are equally important. This article focuses on internal communication ideas to help grow your business. Discover its Benefits, all the Steps to build your internal communication and the best practices for your Company.

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change management strategy

Why Communication in Change Management is Important?

Facilitating any significant change within an organization can be challenging. In larger companies particularly, it can be even more complicated because there are many different teams that will be affected by any new operating procedures. That’s why all potential consequences must be addressed and worked through for the change to be successful.

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improved employee experience

10 Ways to Improve Digital Communication in the Workplace

Communicating in the digital workplace is an integral component of any modern organization. Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of us to work remotely, it’s taken on even greater significance with the majority of the communication between employees happening digitally.

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