In LumApps blog you will find various staff engagement ideas and how an intranet platform can solve HR problems. Learn how to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between colleagues. See the benefits of building an effective employee directory that can keep your employees engaged. Explore and get HR intranet ideas for your personalized digital workplace.

Employee Retention

What is Employee Retention and How to Manage it?

The definition of employee retention is to keep staff happy by ensuring they feel positive and motivated. Acknowledging the importance of employee retention and how it can help a business thrive is key. Having an employee retention strategy can support the success of a business.

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10 Simple Ideas to Improve Team Building for Remote Workers

In today’s climate, more and more businesses are offering opportunities for employees to work remotely, yielding higher productivity rates and access to a wider pool of talent. How do you build trust and a solid collaborative foundation if none of your team members work in the same office? Keep reading to find out!

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onboarding remote employees

How to Create a Great Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees

Historically, employee onboarding has primarily taken place in-person, but in today’s evolving workforce, being able to onboard new employees remotely using an intranet platform is a necessity.

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Employee interview

Recruiters Best Friend: Employee Social Advocacy

Use Employee Social Advocacy to fuel your employee referral programs. It lowers the cost for recruitment and it brings highly qualified candidates, which are a better fit for the company.

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Social Advocacy

To Be or Not to Be: Social Advocacy for Business Benefits

Nowadays companies spend millions of dollars in advertising, social media campaigns and even influencer marketing. But there are other more effective tools to promote your brand, without setting up a skyrocketing budget.

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